Tulips festival in Holland Michigan!

Each May Holland hosts an annual Tulip Time Festival.  A year ago we learned about the tulips festival in Holland, Michigan. we attempted a road trip last minutes, which was a total failure. We have learned from that experience that if we want to get anything done in life we have to plan well. A [...]

Rocky Arbor State Park

Spring has finally arrived and we are super stoked to check off adventures on our bucket-list, this is gonna be a great year for us since we already know what to expect in Wisconsin.We have so many adventures we are excited to share with everyone. Monday's are for adventures, workout, and exploring new things, challenging [...]

Upper Yahara river trail

We ventured out for a morning adventure and this trail didn't disappoint us at all.in the middle of Deforest suburb this gorgeous trail/ bike path is hidden, the trail is paved and you walk behind peoples houses and along the yahara river. It's 33 degrees in Wisconsin and the gorgeous trail feels like a winter [...]

Be Fierce Trailtessa Backpacking!

I went on a 3-day backpacking trip organized by iceagetrail.org and sponsored by rei. I haven't done anything adventurous since I have become a mom, so almost three years. I have been focusing on taking care of everyone around me and totally forgot about myself, I wanted to do this women's retreat to challenge myself [...]

Jelly Belly Tour!

If you are in Wisconsin with young Children this place is a Cool stop to see!! There is a Free Tour of the factory. We Stopped at Jelly Belly Station, an all-new interactive area with games, sampling, exhibits, and videos to show you some of the company's history. You ride on a mall train that [...]

Mars Cheese castle tour!

We checked off cheese castle on our bucket list, what an amazing experience at the cheese castle, it was a long drive but totally worth it.I have told my daughter a night before that we are going to the cheese castle, she woke up early in the morning and wanted to dress up like a [...]

Typical Spring day in Wisconsin!

4 inches of snow in April I hear it's a typical spring day in Wisconsin.So I took advantage of the situation and went hiking with my friends this morning, turned out the trail was just what I expected to see gorgeous, winter wonderland in April.I will do this hike over and over. Cherokee Marsh never [...]