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Parfrey ‘s Glen trail 

Parfrey ‘s Glen is located in a small town called merrimac near Baraboo, it’s a hidden germ that not too many people living around know about it, it is approximately 45 min from sun prairie via lodi then you take a ferry to cross lake Wisconsin.

The trail start of with a paved trail and continues and changes to a gravel , then you cross the stream.

What I really love about this trail leading you to the waterfall, Armani was very entertained all the way , with the sounds of the bird, the berries we found on the trees and her friends picked few rocks for her to throw in the streams


Then we finally get to the point we’re we had to hike all the way in the stream to reach the waterfall


It was such a great day, there was no sign of rain that day and as we kept hiking through the canyons the nature was too loud we were all taking it in, getting nervous and excited ,curious about this trail, nobody actually explained how gorgeous this trail was from the reviews I read before, it was breathtaking, I had a flash back and told my friends that this trails brings good memories from Utah

We meet a friendly guy and his daughter hiking and asked him to take a picture of all of us, we continue soaking in, laughing and just having a blast.

Then I finally jumped on the big boulder because I am that mom, forceofnature



Getting to the top of the big boulders was pretty fun and challenging, we were hiking with a 4 year old little girl, she was pretty awesome, she managed to get to the top with the help of extra 2 hands

This kids were super excited to finally get out of the backpack and play with the mud ,throw rocks in the water,share cheese and strawberries and gave each other hugs, suddenly we hear the sound of the thunderstorms and decided to pack up


I’m like wait I need to get on top of the waterfall lol redefining motherhood



We head back and more people started passing us, it was way busy with all the kids off school,we meet lots of couples on adventure with the little ones on the backpack. Then Armani decided to walk and pick up some sticks
I didn’t have to worry about anything this trail is toddlers friendly, and potty training adventures on a trail she wanted to pee and  was holding her pee the whole time I guess



They got off the trail and threw rocks in the stream while singing itsy bitsy spider

We stopped again to adore this beautiful lily


We saw this frog and thought it was dead , not it was alive, the kids awe…. frogie



They noticed this big rock with a sign and continued chasing each other



Mommy look , said Armani, no Armani stay away from that yucky


Before we knew it we were out of the trail the kids ran to the picnic table laughing and having fun as always. I will go back to this trail over and over.Then the sound we thought was thunderstorm we realize it was an airplane and it sounds pretty loud in the canyons

The parking lot is pretty small, I suggest you plan ahead and make it to the trailhead by 9:30am during the week if you want parking around the school holidays.Every vehicle requires a Wisconsin state park sticker or you can pay $8 for day visit.Street parking is prohibited.


This is the link to the location

Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area

1377 County Rd DL, Merrimac, WI 53561

(608) 266-2621

Go check it out and have a blast!!!!!

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