Lost canyon trail, Governor dodge state park

  Its been a while since we hiked actual trail with my daughter, I’m so glad today, I put happiness first and followed my heart. We haven’t been hiking since we are house hunting day and night. We are approaching hike it baby 30 challenge September 2017,we are hiking 30 miles and 30 days, and … More Lost canyon trail, Governor dodge state park

Parfrey’s glen 

This area doesn’t get old, we checked it out again today, it’s still gorgeous,the waterfalls looks gorgeous as always.   I was dearly loved by the butterflies today We went with Hike it baby Madison group and we had 3 toddlers from age of 4 who were able to Hike all the way to the … More Parfrey’s glen 

Perrot State park

Wisconsin certainly has tons of gorgeous places where you can connect with nature and bask in the beauty outdoors.Perrot state park is one such place, and its perfect for a day of exploring.This gorgeous park has been on our bucket list since we moved to Wisconsin in January and we couldn’t wait to check it … More Perrot State park