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Perrot State park

Wisconsin certainly has tons of gorgeous places where you can connect with nature and bask in the beauty outdoors.Perrot state park is one such place, and its perfect for a day of exploring.This gorgeous park has been on our bucket list since we moved to Wisconsin in January and we couldn’t wait to check it out.


We arrived at the park a little bit after 10am and some of the trail was under maintenance so they were closed for some time,but the Brady`s bluff that we had plan to hike was ok,but parking lot was very limited at the trailhead. As soon as we drove past by the office I was greeted by the great views and I was pretty much excited to hike 1045ft elevation since I left Utah,There  were some people hanging out by the picnic table near the parking lot,they started asking us questions like,have you been here before,they were pretty much concerned about me caring Armani on my back,they mentioned that the trail was hard,but I really didn’t care what they were trying to say.the trailhead was well marked and we were hiking 2.7 miles loop trail.DSC_1280

the trail started off shaded and I must be honest it was a hot 80 degrees day,the trail was busy,but Baby Armani kept us going by singing her songs and asking questions,she could see the tracks and kept saying I hear a train.,This trail was uphill most part and few inclines,we hikes half a mile until we can see this view.


We saw two or three boats in the river.Perrot State park is on Western border of the state,right across the Mississippi River from Minnesota


We hiked for 1.1 miles to Brady’s bluff shelter, and this was the view approaching the shelter. The park is full of spectacular scenery, such as this view from Brady's Bluff.


If I lived in Lacrosse this park will be my play ground honestly speaking.


You can see downtown from this view,the bluffs are too gorgeous.


When we got to this shelter there was quite few people hanging out and taking group pictures,some trying to figure out the trail map,so it was an opportunity for me to take Armani down for a break and enjoy the breeze and gorgeous view from the bluffs.


I can`​t wait to go hiking in the fall here again,I have seen the pictures online of the bluffs in the fall,When you get to the Brady`s bluff shelter you have 2 options,to follow  the map and loop around or go back the same way you came,Although I didn’t see any little hikers on the trail,I saw few families carring kids,I personally don’t think this trail is friendly for toddlers,because of the elevation,the trail is too narrow,very hilly and Rocky,We got lost in the trail because we overlooked the last directions on the map that was supposed to take us back to the road, so that was not fun climbing back to figure out to direction,so make sure you follow the directions all the way, to make it back safe..we end up hiking 3 miles round trip.

Pets are welcome in wisconsin state parks but must be on the leash and under control at all times.certain areas may be off limits to pets.

All vehicles  do require a state park sticker or you can pay at the office $8 for day visit.

The park opens 7 days a week from 6am-11pm

From the north or northwest, go south from Eau Claire on State Highway 93 about 53 miles. At Centerville, where Highway 93 turns east, go south on State Highway 35 (the Great River Road). Take Highway 35 about five miles to Trempealeau. In Trempealeau, Highway 35 becomes Main Street. Take Main Street south to First Street and turn right (west). In the park, First Street becomes South Park Road. Follow the signs to the park’s various facilities and locations.
From the east or south, take US Highway 53/State Highway 35 north from La Crosse. North of Holmen, turn left on Highway 35 where it splits from Highway 53. Take Highway 35 about eight miles to Trempealeau

W26247 Sullivan Rd – Trempealeau, WI 54661

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