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Lost canyon trail, Governor dodge state park


Its been a while since we hiked actual trail with my daughter, I’m so glad today, I put happiness first and followed my heart. We haven’t been hiking since we are house hunting day and night. We are approaching hike it baby 30 challenge September 2017,we are hiking 30 miles and 30 days, and this will be our first fall in Wisconsin. I cant wait to chase fall colors across Wisconsin.

This morning we decided to check out the Stephens fall before the colors changes so we attempted the 3.6mile loop. It was a beautiful morning 67 degrees when we started and parking lot was empty probably 3 cars only .I wanted Armani to hike to the waterfall but because she hasn’t been in her backpack for a while she demanded to be carried.

So I Have learned a lot and seen a lot from this hike today, we hiked to the falls in June this year and I must say we missed pretty cool things and went the wrong way and cut short the trail. This time around I almost got it right and learned as we were hiking. When you get to the office station make sure you pick up a map, you gonna need it believe me. we begin the trail and went straight to the waterfall, which will take approximately 10 min walk, I end up letting Armani walk and I held her hand all the way down, its pretty rocky, so I didn’t let go of her until we make it all the way down.



getting to the Stephen`s fall is very easy and when you reach the waterfall you can hangout here ,continue with the trail or head back the same way you came, so our plan today was to complete the lost canyon trail. Armani spend some time throwing rocks in the stream and jumping in the water, she was wearing her outdoor shoes from a jambufootwear. http://www.jambu.com,I recommend them if you are looking for outdoor shoes for all terrain. They are very light and dries up quickly.


The Stephen`s fall was gorgeous it was just us and another couple around,so we spend as much time and played around.


from the Stephen`s fall we continued with the lost canyon trail to the right and this trail is kid friendly Armani was able to walk and still be able to stop and adore nature.


Armani really loves playing with water, I allowed her to take her time throwing rocks in the water and she was not happy leaving behind the waterfalls, she jump in a mud puddle and fell in the water as always.


She got tired from walking and asked to be carried again, and I was happy to do that because I wanted to complete this trail today ,I didn’t see any bug or mosquitoes on the trail, it was shaded all the way.


we cant denied this picture is just gorgeous,Armani noticed this spot as we turned around the corner she said mommy,  waterfalls.


We crossed two little wooden bridges and we came to the sign where we had to decide to take left or right. Last time we were on this trail we went to the right and this trail went through a campground and took us back to the parking lot were we started. So this time I went to the left and this was a better way to hike lost canyon this way it was more fun and adventurous. We saw lots of big boulders and caves like the boulder we are standing on, and we hike next to the streams.


As we were hiking along the trail we started noticing this gorgeous leaves on the trail, fall has arrived.


me and my baby girl goofing with the leaves anything to make her smile.We continued with this trail as it winds back and forth and we started experiencing some steep hill and we hiked around the woods and prairie, it was getting warm and I was getting tired following the trail, I know this trail is rated easy but I’m pretty sure a 8 year old will complain half way this trail should be rated moderate because I’m in good shape and I usually don’t complain hiking over 1500ft elevation over 5 miles ,but this trail kicked my ass as I keep goin on over 2 miles. We passed few people walking with dogs. So I’m not sure how we decided to cross the road and went out of the trail but that was not fun at all as I was already tired and ready to finish hiking, then we had to turn around somewhere and get back on the loop.so follow the orange sign and if you cross the road just know you are are goin the wrong way or even goin to the campgrounds, just know you need to use map.so we went back to the trail and followed the sign and end up on top of the trail in the waterfalls which was great, then we came down from the hill and saw this rock spring house that I never saw last time I was here.


I let Armani go inside and explore this rock spring house. she splashed her faced and tasted this water when I was not looking.it was refreshing to come to a   spot like this after hiking extra mile and sweating. Rock spring house was built in 1850s,This old fashioned refrigerator stands on the former Alex Stephens farmstead. Five generations of stephens family members used this springhouse to keep their milk and food cool.


this rock spring house is hiding at the beginning of the stephens fall trail or lost canyon loop trail on your left hand side.So this was a beautiful adventurous day at the end and I felt stronger than when I started. I will do it over and over.

All vehicles should have a Wisconsin state park sticker or you can pay $8 for day fee at the office station.

There is a public parking near the stephens falls sign.

I will suggested you wear good hiking boots for this trail,maybe waterproof or hiking sandals.Bring lots of water like I mention it gets pretty steep .

I will share about this trail again in the middle of the fall.

Respect nature, you pack it in, pack it out.


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