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Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin

Labor day weekend doesn’t have to be boring when you have family around and a 2-year-old who wants to play outside all the time. We headed out to butterfly gardens situated in Appleton, WI. Apparently its one of the largest maze in Wisconsin, well this was my first experience so I DONT KNOW MUCH about the butterfly gardens. But we were welcome with warm hands from the  gift shop. We were offered a 15min class to learn about butterfly ,species and natural plants .I must say this class was worth it and I have learned a lot with my family, This lady was easy to talk to and Armani was able to seat still until she was done. She gave us the ear buds with butterfly food and there was also slices of watermelon in the garden, we had to deep in ear buds for juice, and hold it in the air ,then the butterfly will lend on it.


This was the best part of the trip walking into the butterfly maze Armani was over the moon and she was having so much fun feeding butterflies.


There are about 40 different butterflies that are native to our area, while over 100 species are native across Wisconsin.  Most adult butterflies only live for two weeks and will not appear again until next year. The Monarch butterfly will reproduce four or five times during a year cycle


The butterflies loves watermelon juice.


Do you want butterfly visitors or residents? Butterfly residents will be on your property, if you have both host and nectar plants.

Butterfly gardens need both host and nectar plants, preferably prairie plants to attract butterflies. Butterflies lay their eggs on their own preferred host plant, but will feed on many different nectar plants.  Most common annual and perennial plants have little or no flower nectar, thus many flower gardens will not have butterflies.

They offer for sale many magnet butterfly nectar and host plants and seeds.


My family really enjoyed the experience of viewing various native butterfly species .

You can observe the entire maze from a viewing bridge, the wild flowers were so gorgeous.


This garden is so gorgeous, its definitely worth a trip.


We went back in the gift shop where there had a beehive room and the nature plants, lots of great books to purchase and great stories from the workers about the history of the gardens they were very knowledgeable .They let Armani pat the cute tortile.


This was a fun field trip for the whole family and we will definitely check it out every year, but most of all I’m more encouraged to get nectar plants from them and see butterflies in my backyard. We hope you enjoy this butterfly gardens in Wisconsin like we did and below we will share all their contact info.

How to get here?

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Take Exit 142 off from US Highway 41 and go north 2 miles on State Highway 47.  We are just north of the Broadway Drive intersection. N2550 State Rd 47, Town of Center.

We didn’t have to make appointments to get in but I did check the working hours before. so here is the contact details

Jack: 920-475-0777
Marty: 920-475-9944


visitor info :Admission Fees:
Ages 0-2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Free
Ages 3-17. . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.00
Adults Age 18 and over. . .$6.00
* State Sales Tax not included

•All children age 12 and under will be admitted when accompanied with an adult.

•We have picnic seating areas for personal packed lunches.

•Please contact us for school and other group tour fees.

•Dogs and others animals are prohibited.



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