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Ice Age Trail:table bluff segment 

I have been longing an adventure this week,prettiest views,nature trail and silent, So I went out and explored IAT.We have been planning to get on the ice age trail segment since we moved here, so I figured I should watch the weather and go hiking when it’s cloudy because most IAT are not shaded.it wasn’t really easy to pick the segment that I wanna try but I didn’t wanna drive too far so we picked, table bluff situated in cross plains, and simply the reviews were kinda promising, they mentioned wild flowers along the trail, and the pictures taken on that trail made me really wanna go.we started from north parking not sure where the south parking is at. The parking lot was empty it way so quite.

I was pretty lucky today Armani wanted to be carried all the way, this trail is rated moderate and I agree it was moderate not difficult at all and not easy.I carried my daughter with a kelty built carrier and I’m in shape but I have experienced some elevation on this trail.

The Table Bluff Segment is short but very sweet. It is 2.5 miles linear and makes a five mile out-n-back.so we decided to follow the yellow signs this time and I paid attention to where I was going.

Next time I will go and find out where the white sign will lead me.

The Table Bluff section is well defined and maintained I love it.my baby girl wanted to see how tall she was!

The table bluff segment features wild flowers and I saw lots of butterflies on the trail, I was lucky to have one in my hand as always, me and butterfly’s belong together.

As you can see this gorgeous flowers are to die for, this is the view along the ice age trail.

    I must say that I’m a fast hiker even though I stop and smell roses along the trail, This was 5 miles hike and I pretty much knew I was looking at least 3hours before I complete this hike, but today time was not a problem, I followed my heart as we hike through the prairie and forest and we were super excited to see this little bridge , we can hear the water dripping but it was very dry.I was trying to make sure I miss this alligator in a bikini, wasn’t sure where to find it, but it was next to the trailhead and chilling.so if you go you won’t miss this cute alligator.

    Can I pet an alligator mommy

    We made it halfway 

    This trail gets really narrow at some part and steep so I will suggest you watch your little ones very closely, I was able to let my daughter walk once the trail gets level.

    She was happy to get down and run back and forth where the trail was level and smell some flowers along the way.I have to warn you this trail has major uphill so take your time and bring lots of water.

    Along the ice age trail

    We went all the way to the overlook where there is a shelter and a temporary restroom,the view was pretty nice and we had lunch and headed back soon after.

    Along the ice age trail

    We finished hiking 5.5 miles in 3 hours with a happy toddler.we went back the same way and had a blast on this trail.

    We really enjoyed this segment and can’t wait to go back in the fall to see the season colors.this is a family friendly but not so toddler friendly because of the distance and the uphill, the trail gets really narrow, so I suggest you carry toddlers under the age of 5 atleast on your back.we didn’t experience any tics or mosquitoes but always bring a bug spray you never know.

    It’s very easy to get here

    Adress:Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Cross Plains, WI 53528

    Coordinates :43.143896,-89.670328


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