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Sutter’s Ridge Farm

 This is a family owned farm 20 minutes SW of Madison. They have plentiful U pick-& pre picked apples, corn maze, Wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, Activity area & fresh Cider Donuts on weekends


We had our first Pumpkin Patch, the weather was 95 degrees in Wisconsin. Hell yes I will take it, just unusual but I’m happy with warm days. This Pumpkin Patch was ok,


We went to check it out with hike it baby Madison group ,The kids really had a blast.


This is the Sutter Ridge  Farm Orchard Shop, Armani cried for a caramel apple for $3.50 are you kidding me breaking my bank.


The 4acre Corn Maze Was first time experience for Armani, she was having fun following me until she realize that we are just going in circle and she was sweating really bad I had to take her to the shade cool off.


I swear if we ever have to own a pet it has to be a goat, she is so  much in love with goats.


Activity area includes a tricycle track, giant hay pile to climb,goats,yard games, play houses that armani spend a full 30min playing with dolls, then I dragged her outside to see how much she is missing .



Activity area include sandbox




I don’t think the Hayride was our favorite as we were roasting in the sun ,we were given a chance to get off and pick pumpkin but due to the heat we were ready to go back, We were not even interested to go apple picking, As much as I enjoy warm weather, this has been a great day and this toddler has already been running around getting into trouble, I was worn out, soaking in the water and playing with the sand after. ,but the kids had a blast they didn’t care much about the weather.


Baby girl  had an amazing day.

No pets are allowed in this farm. they are not able to process credit cards so make sure you bring lots of cash.

They are only open Thursday through Sunday only from 10am -5pm

 General Directions: They are located at 2074 Sutter Dr., off Wisconsin State Highway 92, about 4.5 miles south of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin and 1.5 miles north of Mt. Vernon. Look for the sign at Sutter Drive. Click here for more specific directions.




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