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Waldvogel’s farm

Sunday fun day that’s all I can say. Another gorgeous day to be out with family chasing princesses and pumpkins. We are so excited to share more family adventures this fall with y’all. October is finally here fall festive. Our daughter has been bringing a pumpkin from each farm we visit so we will see how many we have by the end of fall.

Waldvogel’s Farm is just minutes from the world-famous Horicon Marsh in beautiful Dodge County. Enjoy over 40 fun family attractions for one low price, what I like about this farm is you can purchase tickets online, waiting with a toddler for 20 min is not fun. Avoid the admission line! it was approximately 35 min drive from sun prairie where we are based currently.

I so wish I had seen this map before I went because I feel like I missed a lot, they didn’t even offer these maps at the paying station.

The reason we decided to check out this farm was that they had a princesses and pumpkins event on Facebook and I thought wow this sounds amazing. We had a blast riding the wagon to meet princesses Cinderella, She was seating in a wagon for pictures in the middle of the farm, so after you take a picture you wait for a wagon to take you back. We managed to meet Snow White, she was seating in the barn and the line was nuts but our daughter was pretty patient this time. This farm is huge we were very impressed with all the activities they have.

omg, they have a princess castle with the slide, even teenage boys wanted their pictures taken from the castle, amazing.

After we got our stamp and wristband our first stop was snow white in the barn.


Daddy must take Armani to see Princess Cinderella with a wagon.

We had to wait in another line to meet Princess Cinderella, and while waiting she had fun picking some small pumpkins.

Are we there yet Daddy? When is my turn? Hang on Armani you are almost there!

It’s every girl`s dream to meet her favorite character and all it takes for parents is patience, that’s all we try to be to Armani. She meet Cinderella and chatted with her got a hug and her autograph, she is on cloud nine right now and both parents feel like they have made her dream come true, Even though she has been on big adventures in life but this Sunday moment was the highlight of the day, These are the little things we do with family together support each other and spend time together.


We found a pumpkin to take home and got back on the wagon.

Don’t make a mistake and leave the farm without checking out these cute babies, Armani is an animal lover unlike her mommy, she will cuddle, kiss, feed them, and pick them up


Princess Armani had fun at the farm meeting other princesses and running wild, what else can you ask for, a happy baby happy family?

This farm is definitely on our to-do list every fall, here is the link to the website and all info you may need to get here.






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