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High Cliff State Park 

I wanna share my excitement, I had this park listed on my bucket list for a while and because it’s 2 hours away I just didn’t know when we Will be able to hike here, but this weekend, my husband took the baby with him to spend time with her grandparents while he go hunting.So I took a solo drive to meet up with a friend I had meet on Facebook a long time ago and she was happy to explore with me, it was a gorgeous day for a hike.

This park was pretty busy than  I expected, I hiked 2.5 miles loop on a shaded trail along the lake. The trail was very busy with hikers and dogs going up and down, it was 74 degrees I understand.

when I got on top of the cliff, I was so excited and I fell in love with the family campsite, the leaves were so colorful it was really pretty. Lots of trails if you have time or camping at the park and pretty views .seriously we are definitely planning to camp here next year summer or fall we have to.
Along the trail.

This area is at the beginning of the trail and easy to miss, just a little running stream.

So this is what I have to say, I saw so many families with kids as young as 2 walking on the trail, I wouldn’t let my daughter walk here, I will bring a carrier for the whole hike, be warned their trail gets really steep and rocky, I didn’t have a baby on my back this time but it kicked my butt, Bring hiking poles, plenty of drinking water and a camera. There are few benches along the trail to rest.

“I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

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