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Aztalan State park

There are so many undiscovered treasures in Wisconsin, and this was one. Not a gimmicky, trinket walk this place is filled with real history. This park is an overlooked jem in today’s world. It is big, with lots of land on the river. It is historic, with historical buildings that can be visited, with some good artifacts inside. There are the old burial mounds to visit.

Today’s weather started with wind, rain and it was very cold to be outside, but as we were getting up we realize that there wont be any rain so we really have to get outside and chase some adventures on our bucket list before the snow hit the ground,glad we did and it turned out to be an amazing day.I was really looking for something to let my toddler enjoy so Aztalan was mentioned as being family friendly and short trail.We meet up with our friends and had a blast!


We have completed 1.3mil with this cutest toddlers as part of hike it baby 30 challenge. I came back home an opened my laptop educated myself about Mississippian culture that inhabited Wisconsin. The park is quite large, with some real history. Indian Mounds and a Indian settlement to learn about. Aztalan is an amazing historic site! Wish I had stopped at the museum, but next time. For kids and families of all ages, there are beautiful, well-maintained trails for hiking among the rolling hills and near the Native American sacred burial mounds and former residential sites

You’re going to do some walking to see the whole thing. Figure on walking about a mile.

You can see the toddlers has way too much fun rolling from the hills and hiding behind the mounds, the park is also dog friendly.



Reconstructed stockade near the Crawfish River

Three platform mounds remain on the site. The largest is the one in the southwest corner of the stockade; one almost as large is located in the northwest corner.


The park is in the Town of Aztalan, on the east side of Jefferson County Highway Q, just south of County Highway B. Coming from the west on Interstate Highway 94, reach County B by going south on State Highway 89 to Lake Mills. Coming from the east on I-94, take State Highway 26 south to Johnson Creek to County Highway B.

Vehicle Admission sticker is required.

three nice picnic areas and a huge parking lot.

Highly recommend this state park for families and young children.


“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!”
—Dr. Seuss

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