Sandburg Woods!

Just another cool trail hiding in Madison neighborhood.Sometimes we just wanna go outside and check out new things and this trail has been on our list for a while but the bad reviews online kept us away for a while and I regret it. In the middle of a nice suburban neighborhood a dense pristine forest.”Adjacent to Sandburg School, this park contains a rich diversity of oak woodland wildflowers.

We hiked for 1.2 miles within 65 min on a toddler pace, the trail was not busy at all, there was a couple of student on a trail with their teacher on a field. My daughter handled this trail like a champ, it’s an easy loop you can hardly get lost.

The trail was pretty neat and can’t wait to check it out in the summer when it’s green.

If you wanna read more about the history of this trail follow the link and ignore the bad reviews online.

Stay on and use designated trails only.

This was a nice getaway in the middle of the day, for us and we are super excited to come back on this trail again. It’s a bonus that it’s only 10min away from our home.

Adress:2902 Independence Ln, Madison, WI 53704

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