Man needs to stop working in the damn garage!

Can I hear an amen from all the moms, ladies, grandmas who need their man more in the house than playing in the damn garage? Seriously what the heck is a man doing in the garage?let’s be real.NOTHING

man has a bad tendency of hiding in the garage and pretending to be busy, guess what? we watch, we see you, not cool!

Every weekend you plan fun activities for the whole family and your man tell you they got stuff to do in their garage, start selling their shit online while they are at work and don’t forget to block him from seeing all your post, yes do it, he won’t divorce you for cleaning the damn garage.

If you both agree to have guest over for dinner and you need a helping hand to get things ready and he’s busy in the basement pretending to do something or organizing things, he probably doesn’t need company and he rather be alone, but you know what? let your guest come and ignore him, pretend like he’s not even there, have fun with your guests serve them his beer, go in the garage and get his favorite beer for your guest why not seriously, just do is too short to keep good beer forever in the garage.

If your man doesn’t wanna hang out with his friends or bros, and tells you he rather be with you. He’s lying and he really doesn’t have real friends, so guess what? tell him you have your girls over for wine and tell him to go work in the garage.and tell him you don’t need help, guess what?he’s gonna be standing next to the aisle in the kitchen trying to see if you’re making any special treats for your girls and offer to help, he will offer to cut cheese and eat all your guacamole in the process, he’s just curious and wishes he was wearing panties at that moment, he’s definitely going to work in in the kitchen specifically going from bathroom back to the kitchen just trying to see or hear what you’re talking about, men are curious and he will play in the kitchen that day. Just because you expect him to be in the garage.and be careful he’s going to eat all the guacamole before all your friends arrive, trust me he will.

Ok he’s really cleaning the garage this time seriously he is moving shit from one corner to that corner and he will move your car, he will come find you in the house and be like, come and see what I have been doing, ok you’re trying to watch your favorite shows on the sofa sipping on your hot herbal tea or trying to fold laundry,now you have to walk to the garage and see what he’s excited about, you finally make it to the garage because he’s busy following you and begging you, first thing you gonna be pissed,that he moved your car ofcause, seriously Dude don’t touch my car why did you park it this side, and why is it so close to the wall seriously, now its gonna take me damn 10min to backup not cool, why did you call me?ok look baby “I hanged all the bikes and put all my tools in that corner, I hang all the brooms for you up there in the corner”. Ok I see you really did a good job hun,”but I really need to go back to the house and finish what I was doing” so literally, all he did was move the shit from the other side and squeezed my car into the corner and now I need a ladder to get my brooms every day, good job. You should be inside the house folding your 100 socks ugh…I forgot to say he’s been in the garage since 8 am it’s 1 o’clock now.

What’s actually in the garage? Lots of tools, the same shit he gets as a gift from his dad every year for Christmas. The reason why men park outside his truck every day is because he’s got fishing stuff that he only uses once in the winter  on the way .have you noticed that on the doorstep its all the old boots that he owned since high school, they look like they belong in the trash and  6 packs of beer lol, Do you know that he only sweep the garage once a year, have you noticed the spider web on the walls, seriously how is he cleaning?? Did you see the shelve falling apart? When is he going to fix that? Do you know that half of the moving boxes in the garage he doesn’t know what’s inside, seriously he doesn’t.

Men need to be inside the house spending time helping women, they can fold socks every week, they can take the trash out, they can clean the bathroom, man can pack the dishwasher every night , man can fix broken things in the house immediately, Men can start the grill for their wife’s and stop bragging to their friends that ”my wife is a queen of the grill” dang do your duties dude.Men need to iron their damn clothes every day, if only men can help in the house and stop pretending like they  are doing shit in the garage, women will not go through depression silently, women wouldn’t think that they are weak, women wouldn’t think that they are not marriage type, women wouldn’t feel like failers in the marriage, Women wouldn’t turn in to nagging wife’s, women wouldn’t turn into selfish B**• seriously men need to stop working in the garage, its useless, it breaks families, its dirty, its full of junk, it makes them miserable, they drink too much beer in the garage and their brains don’t function well.and spend every 20 min trying to find the same screwdriver hanging in the back pocket, stop running to the garage every time kids ask you to help with homework. Stop telling women that you need to work in the garage seriously quit playing games not cool,  the garage can wait!

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