10 Toddler-friendly hikes near Madison, Wisconsin!

 We have lived in Madison for over a year and are ready to share our favorite toddler-friendly hiking trails to explore near Madison this spring.


We have tried lots of hikes in Madison, Wisconsin. Our adventure daughter is growing very quickly, she constantly wants to be hiking with her own little feet,  and she has been able to finish her challenge before she turned three years old. She has at least hiked 1.5 miles or more on her own on all these trails. She gets super excited when she returns to the same area she has been to. We have compiled here a list of our toddler-friendly trails near Madison. Click the link to go to the reviews, pictures, and directions.

1. Cherokee Marsh-North Unit


Cherokee marsh state natural: catch the most Magical sunset on the trail during a bird outing from the overlook; the park is a hidden gem and kids friendly, be on the lookout for the turkeys.


2. Pheasant branch conservatory


Pheasant Branch Conservatory: west side’s a hidden gem for sure; the trail is 3.9 miles, hikers share a trail with bikers, has a playground, and kids can hike from the playground to the natural springs in a few minutes.

3. Elver Park Trail


Elver park: It has easy hiking trails, running, and biking, but it also has significant hills and wooded areas. the most fun part about this park is the splash pad and playground near the parking lot after a short hike. check it out this spring, and you will find the most beautiful wildflowers on the trail.

4.Sandburg Woods 


  Sandburg Woods!: This park is hiding in the middle of a nice suburban neighborhood with a decent trail and a dense pristine forest.

5. Governor’s Island


Governors Island! : the southern tip of this island is a bluff that looks directly at the state capital, a short walking path to the lake that toddlers will enjoy.

6. Patric Marsh Wildlife Area


 Patrick Marsh wildlife view:A short walk from the Patrick Marsh parking lot will lead your toddlers to the viewing platform in a shape of a bird. The platform provides accessible wildlife viewing.

7. Burke park


Burke Park: perfect park with a nice 1-mile loop for the early walkers, a stroller-friendly, shaded playground in the summer, and a little pond to keep them entertained outside.

8. Aztalan  state park


Aztalan State is one of the smallest state parks in wisconsin with pyramids; toddlers will have a great time exploring because it is a unique and historic area.

9. Turville Point Conservation Park!


Turville point conservation park!: the foot trail run along the lake will lead the toddlers to the beach, which is gorgeous, a great views of the city from the little sandy beach.

10. Indian lake county park!


Indian lake county park: A lovely park and historic area for toddlers to explore away from the city; they can take a short trip to the small chapel on the hill, with great views.

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