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Mars Cheese Castle Tour!

We checked off cheese castle on our bucket list, what an amazing experience at the cheese castle, it was a long drive but totally worth it.I have told my daughter a night before that we are going to the cheese castle, she woke up early in the morning and wanted to dress up like a princess with her red dress, but I managed to change her outfit after begging.

It’s a real castle as you can see from the outside and Armani was on cloud nine.There are two entrances to the castle the main and the side entrance takes you to the tavern.

When you enter the cheese castle, look up and you will see signs directing you to different sections, and the cheese mouse is hiding at the corner on your right, this is where you will decide whether to eat first or explore, we headed straight to the deli where they make fresh grill cheese and skipped the tavern where everyone was chilling and eating.

We begin our tour from the cheese store where we got to taste different kinds of cheese, they had cheese to taste everywhere, some of the cheese looks familiar from grocery store some we have never seen before, you pretty much have options here.

Does that face look like someone who loves cheese curds? Yes give this girl cheese please, it makes her happy, this is the time you will see her roll her eyes!

Such a beautiful castle inside for the little ones to feel like kings and princess, they have the crowns and crayons by the deli for the kids.

I must admit this was mama’s favorite room in the castle, import wines from all over.and those cheeseheads on the table ugh……

Queen and king chairs for Mommy and Daughter!

Real cheesehead

This is like a little heaven for the kids!

Make two rounds and come back you will find different cheese on the board!

Everywhere you go it’s just cheese, they also have a huge selection of local beer if you prefer.

This was a fun experience for the whole family, we had grilled cheese for lunch, and got to taste different variety of cheese, the bakery had a fresh danish kringle, fudge, dessert to indulge after lunch.you’re not true Wisconsin if you don’t eat danish kringle so load up the cart and you can freeze it.

I highly recommend them go check them out and it’s kids friendly.

2800 W Frontage Rd, Kenosha, WI 53144

It took us 2hrs to get to mars cheese castle with the Friday traffic from sun prairie.

Adress: 2800 W Frontage Rd, Kenosha, WI 53144

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