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Jelly Belly Tour: Family Friendly Activities on wisconsin!

If you are in Wisconsin with young Children this place is a Cool stop to see!! There is a Free Tour of the factory.

We Stopped at Jelly Belly Station, an all-new interactive area with games, sampling, exhibits, and videos to show you some of the company’s history.

You ride on a mall train that gives you a tour.

The tour takes only 15min it’s quick and interesting.

Armani was super excited to walk into the factory and see a chu chu train, it was like a dream come true.

Every passenger gets a hat to wear during the tour in the factory, at the end of the tour they will put samples inside.

So basically you stay on the train the whole time and watch a video about the history of the jelly belly. Not a real factory tour as the jellybeans are made about 20 miles away, but a tour of the distribution center. However, the videos shown in the warehouse were very informative.

The train will stop at every station but of course, you won’t get a chance to ask questions during the tour.

The famous Jelly Belly Train Tour features updated 4K/HD videos to show you how they bring Jelly Belly jelly beans to life.

Ever ridden on a train with giant Jelly Belly jelly beans floating overhead? heaven!!!

This factory is like heaven for kids!

Look at that cute face, seriously this field trip happened 3days after we found out that she has cavities.

Once the tour is over you then go fill up your belly with jelly beans.

Free take-a-home sample at the end of the tour before you walk into the store.

This is a sample bag so yummy!

Never thought I would say that jelly beans were delicious but these are. Different flavors with real taste.

the best part was at the end of the tour when we got to try every flavor of jellybean that you can imagine. I felt like a kid in a candy store, literally, so I would recommend this if you wanna be taken back to your childhood for a day. the guy at the counter is very fun, he will make you smell the nasty candy. I think it’s spoiled milk, yuck that candy will make you throw up by smelling it.

Jelly Bean, Free tour, free train, a sample bar, and a gift shop, a blast!

They offer tours every day.

To learn more about them visit: https://www.jellybelly.com/

Location:10100 Jelly Belly Ln, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

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