Be Fierce Trailtessa Backpacking!

The sunrise from my kitchen window while I was getting ready to leave for my backpacking trip!

I went on a 3-day backpacking trip organized by and sponsored by rei. I haven’t done anything adventurous since I have become a mom, so almost three years. I have been focusing on taking care of everyone around me and totally forgot about myself, I wanted to do this women’s retreat to challenge myself and spend more time outdoors with other women to gain my confidence back. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into, I was nervous and excited at the same time to get out there hike like a girl and enjoy myself.

Day 1 First group picture !


We hiked 12.4miles first day, It was rough, I didn’t think I was going to make so it has to be the most challenging day for me, the hike was too long I had a pretty busy week at home, I wasn’t feeling exhausted and didn’t have energy.


We had lunch at Brady’s rocks, and camped at shelter#2 which was way super cool we had fire pit,pit toilets,water,wine, cheese and it was it was a perfect night,

Picture by: Jessica Featherstone
Picture By:Jessica Featherstone

bandana from rei


It rained for an hour nonstop when we got to the shelter, it didn’t bother us at all, then we had the best view of the sunset, to seal this adventure day.


Day 2 started with a good note, we had fire and yummy breakfast, you could smell coffee from your sleeping bag.


Day 2 was sunny, with aaa high near 55 degrees. We departed the camp at 9:30 am. I was feeling so much better than day one, My legs were more flexible I was excited to get on the trail.


We had covered 10.5miles on day 2, we had primitive camping, the sad part was we didn’t have the fire for the night, we camped overnight on site near Oleson cabin, by a special permission.

Picture by; Jessica Featherstone


It was a gorgeous warm afternoon, we laughed and shared drinks, it was the most beautiful day.


After supper, I and my good friend Jessica decided to hike extra 2-mile round trip to see the lime kiln, located at Oleson cabin.




Day 2 group picture!


We had so much fun trying to keep yourself busy and entertained, we did a tent parade, just before bedtime to learn about other ladies’ camping equipment.

Picture by: Jessica Featherstone

Day 3, I was stronger than ever and a little bit sad because it was our last day, it was supposed to be the hottest day around 66 degrees which was my biggest concern, we departed the camp at 9:30 am and hiked to whitewater lake recreation, we covered 9.2 miles.

spring flowers on the trail
the forest leading to the end was beautiful and shaded.
picture by : Jessica Feartherstone

The last group picture of our backpacking trip!


What have I learned on this trip?

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