Rocky Arbor State Park

Spring has finally arrived and we are super stoked to check off adventures on our bucket-list, this is gonna be a great year for us since we already know what to expect in Wisconsin.We have so many adventures we are excited to share with everyone.

Monday’s are for adventures, workout, and exploring new things, challenging new families to get outdoors.

We headed to the Rocky Arbor State Park located in Wisconsin Dells. We were the only adventures at the gate. We have no plans on camping in this park unfortunately in the future, We wanna share our honest opinion like we promised before, I will share the pro and cons.Rather than that, we had a blast!But we are not going back to Rocky Arbor state park in the future, been there than that✔️

There is a small parking lot for about five cars outside the gate during the off-season the gate is clised, you will need the Wisconsin state sticker to park or pay $ 8 for day use.The office is not open until may 5, so you have to park at the gate and walk in the park.

100 feet away from the office there is a playground which is super cool, this is where you will begin hiking.

The trail is very narrow, we noticed the island in the summer will be a paradise for mosquitoes, this trail will be damp and bugs all over, it was a perfect timing for the Dowd family.

The first spring wildflowers along the trail to capture in 2018 whoop!

Beautiful rock formations but something was bothering us, the noise from the road was freaken annoying, there was no peace at all on this trail, I can’t imagine people who camp here how do they survive a night.

Half a mile away we came across this beautiful rock seating on the island, but wait something freaked me out, there is poison ivy everywhere, seriously stay away from this trail with your kids, I mean it, I don’t recommend this trail to anyone else.

The trail is shaded all the way, I really love that, it’s easy to follow, it’s a short loop, with a staircase on both sides.

The upper trail leading to the campground or you can take the staircase down, we Could hear nearby highway traffic up the upper trail.

More poison ivy on this part leading to the staircase.

Our family picture on the last snow left on the trial in April 2018

We made it back to the playground there was still snow but like I said, even without the snow I would not have let my daughter play on the playground.

Short 1-mile trail loop with great cliffs, geological features.

This is our least favorite state park.

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