Upper Yahara river trail

We ventured out for a morning adventure and this trail didn’t disappoint us at all.in the middle of Deforest suburb this gorgeous trail/ bike path is hidden, the trail is paved and you walk behind peoples houses and along the yahara river.

It’s 33 degrees in Wisconsin and the gorgeous trail feels like a winter wonderland

Oak trees all covered in snow, should I sing Christmas carols.we spotted a deer up on that hill, I heard good things about this area, in the afternoon you might be lucky and spot an owl.

Just after you walked 0.5mi from the parking lot you will come across this small wooden bridge which the little ones will find fascinating!

The most interesting thing about this trail is after a good 0.75mi you will be behind peoples houses and you will see this colored birdhouses planted on the trees along the way, bring binoculars for this hike, you will get to see all kinds of birds.

Without the snow, I will say the trial is stroller friendly, but remember to keep the right side since you have to share a path with the bikes.

My favorite color is pink and my daughter was super stoked to spot a pink birdhouse!

If you continue with the trail you will quickly hit 1mil and this trail will take you to the other trailhead on the other side of the neighborhood.the best way is to go back the same way and walk another mile back to the trailhead you started.

Another deer on the trail mommy

This was a quick hike as you can see I was wearing Armani on my back!we already have a plan to go back and check out the area without snow!

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