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Tumbled Rock trail!

Wisconsin’s largest state park offers magnificent views from 500-foot Quartzite bluffs overlooking a 360-acre lake.

We hosted a toddler pace hike for a hike it baby Madison today, and it was a blast. Devils Lake State Park is one of the busiest parks in Wisconsin except for weekdays. It was 65 degrees when we got to the park and quickly went up to 74 degrees it was hot but we got lucky, the trail was short, and shaded most part and it turned out to be cloudy. We hiked along the lake, fewer bugs and it wasn’t humid, it was a perfect day for the toddlers to sweat.

The toddlers found a pond to throw rocks right away!

I heart my people, hike to baby have the coolest adventure families ever. This is our group selfie from the selfie stand! #scenicwisconsin Armani did not want to take a picture with us, and I won’t force her, she is anti-camera.

Ten state parks now feature selfie stands, guess what we found one at Devils Lake state park!

We let the toddlers set the pace, we hiked for 65 min one way on a tumbled rock trail, a fun trail for the little ones to explore, climb on the rocks and hide behind the rocks.

I highly recommend this trail for the family’s with small and big kids, but if you have a toddler like me, bring a carrier to carry them when they get tired. kids are unpredictable sometimes, my daughter was on the back most of the time, and the plan was for her to walk with other kids.

The tumbled rock trail was busy on our way back with teenagers jumping off the cliff, and watching out for the adults who go off the trail to climb up the trail.

What I like about this trail, they have benches to rest under the trees, and the kids were happy to take a break and snack, or look out the lake and see the people kayaking.

I love this little girl with all my heart! She promised to stay wild!

We are so great full of being part of the hike it baby ever since she was born, these are the people that motivate us to explore, we made so many friends in the past three years if you’re an outdoorsy family like us find hike it baby near your area, http://www.hikeitbaby.com

Tumbled Rocks trail is dog-friendly. dogs must be leashed all the time, all vehicles required a Wisconsin state sticker to park or pay $8 for day use. There is plenty of parking at the park, but if you ever want to try this specific trail, park at the boat ramp trailhead located on the south shore. Use the coordinates for the parking (43.4128470,-89.7400262)

Location address: S5975 Park Rd, Baraboo, WI 53913

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