Wehr Nature center!

Wehr nature center that has it all in one, hiking trails, waterfalls, wildlife and beautiful butterflies. This is such a great place to be out in nature, Wehr nature center is located in Waukesha,wisconsin.

We had a fun adventure at Waukesha on our way home from Racine. This nature center has been on our bucket list for the summer, it was a cloudy day, it rained for an hour while we were hiking. All we wanted to do was see the waterfall but we decided to explore more and take advantage of the cool weather. We hiked over 2 miles, covering the woodland trail and half of Millard lake.

We were welcomed by this little blue bird on the sign

Walking up to the visitor center, Armani was like wow, look at the Turkey mommy.


We also spotted a hog on the tree.

The woodland trail winds along a glacial moraine covered by an upland deciduous forest.. ” trails are easy to find just follow the colors”

Woodland trail is shaded all the way.

We made it to the waterfalls, at the edge of the lake! , nobody was there except us the Wisconsin Adventure family. The waterfall is fun for kids to see. It’s located on the north side of the pond just south of college & 92nd, from the visitor center we hiked about 12min to the waterfalls.

Hidden waterfalls that you would’ve

never guess it was there. we stopped at the waterfalls for a picnic lunch, the time we were ready to leave the rain was gone and we heard few people on the trail. I highly recommend this nature center to the family with little kids or older kids, the trails are easy to navigate.we paid $3 to park. The nature center is easy to find from google map, bring a carrier if you have a three-year-old like mine who wants to explore from her moms back.

Cheers to the great adventure in future!

Adventure shoes went through mud to reach the interesting part, but I love!

Most trails will connect somehow while you’re hiking so just pay attention to the signs and remember where you’re going, never leave a trail map in the car.

To learn more about this trails visit: http://www.friendsofwehr.org/wehr-nature-center/trails/

Address:9701 W College Ave, Franklin, WI 53132

Direction from Madison to wehr nature centre

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