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Wyalusing state park!

Camping weekends and hiking are what we love to do in Wisconsin state, once again, we are chasing waterfalls and visiting all the States parks. We picked Wyalusing after we saw the pretty views online and good reviews about this park. We went on a short adventure with our friends who came to explore with us for a day.

We hiked the Sand Cave trail (2.4 miles) it took us approximately  1hr to finish this loop.

Sand Cave trail travels past Big Sand Cave and Little Sand Cave. Both are washed-out areas of limestone with small waterfalls. Black Thunder Point, located between the two caves offers an excellent view of the Wisconsin River.

We both carried our adventure babies because we wanted to be done before the temperature warms up and the mosquito attacks us. But We had so much fun on this hike, the trail was shaded all the way, it was cooler than we expected, we didn’t experience any bugs at all, and it was a gorgeous trail.

The views from the campsites

To get to this cave it’s very easy, the trail tends to be narrow as you keep going follow the signs to the caves.

Use the map below, the state park has plenty of trails to hike for the weekend but we ran out of time.

Click to access wyalusingmap.pdf

dogs are allowed on all the trails. It’s family-friendly no signs of poison Ivy when I was there. Beautiful bluffs, woods, River, and campsite are all shaded, they have big clean showers. I can go on and on. You just have to check it out. We went swimming by the river, only a 10 min drive from the park.

Yes, that’s a snake in the water!

What I love about my family is we don’t sit around and wait on the disaster to happen, we keep going until we go to bed at night, what’s not to love about the outdoors? Raising a child that loves the outdoors was a dream of us.

We end the day with a gorgeous sunset and watch the moon and stars on the telescope. We have been camping before Armani was born and not even a single day did we regret our decision on spending time outside playing and exploring. We hope to visit a few more state parks before the end of the year.

A weekend away for 2 nights is therapy for the family, and an awesome park all-round I can’t wait to go back.

The wyalusing state park is located in Wisconsin:

Wyalusing State Park

13081 State Park Ln, Bagley, WI 53801

(608) 996-2261


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