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Roche-A-Cri State Park

We checked out three state parks this week which is something that has never happened before that put us to 20 state parks we visited so far, we are so determined and curious to check them off our bucket list. We camped overnight at Buckhorn state park, it’s always been a dream to camp on a beachfront in Wisconsin. We didn’t do any hiking at all so, I plan to return one day. the following day we checked out the Roche-A-Cri state park.

Roche-A-cri State Park is a great park with lots of trails to explore, I wouldn’t camp there with my family, there are no showers or running water. The park is open all year round, Park sticker is required upon entering. The park is well-maintained and a hidden gem of Adams County. use these coordinates to locate the trailhead. (44.0038972,-89.8210393)

We were here to climb the 303 staircases, it’s called the top of the rock trail. It’s a short but moderate climb, we climbed with Little ones and a three-year-old should be able to reach the top with help and keep your eye on them. It took us approximately 15 min to reach the top, it was worth it yes because I saw some people stuck in the middle not able to reach the top.

I recommend this trail to the families, I have to say, I did carry Armani on my back with a frame Carrier, for safety reasons, parenting is different and I just do what’s right for us. the view from the top is gorgeous and breathtaking, it was a perfect day to climb here the weather was around 60 degrees, it got cooler and cloudy, and the park has a bunch of trails you can hike all day. I bet it’s gorgeous in the fall!

On our way to the trailhead, we stopped at the historical marker and checked out the Roche-A-Mound, beautiful Ancient rock formations and you will find the Selfie stand. Travel Wisconsin has selfie stands at these state parks, beaches, trails and more let you take a selfie at some of the most scenic spots in Wisconsin! #scenicwisconsin

If you wanna learn more or visit the state park here is the link for camping reservations https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/parks/name/rocheacri/

This adventure baby always has food in her hand, you can’t blame her, hiking is a serious workout you got to eat.

On our way home from the state park, we made a stop and explored the ship rock, it’s easy to miss if you’re not paying attention to the beautiful surroundings. if you ever happen to be in Roche-a-cry, check it out it’s worth it.

Ship Rock

Richfield, WI 54930


This was an amazing overnight trip that turned out so great, exploring another part of Wisconsin, not sure how much time we have in Wisconsin but we just gonna keep exploring so that when it’s time to leave I’m ready for another adventure.

We hoping to get into five more state parks before the end of the year 2018. It is been such an amazing journey so far getting outdoors and meeting other people and making friends as we go. This is our life and nothing will stop us from exploring. we live to explore.

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