Chasing Wisconsin waterfalls!

Nature was calling, and we got the taste of the real north. Wisconsin is just like any state, there are best attractions hiding far away from the city, to enjoy it and explore all these secrets you need to go find them, they won’t come to you. Some people were born in Wisconsin but they have never been to Marinette County, unfortunately, Wisconsin Adventure Family won’t be living in Wisconsin forever, we are all about adventure life is too short, to do the same thing over and over. Marinette County is the best-kept secret in Wisconsin, we loved it period! We were not sure where the GPS was leading us until we were driving in the forest on a dirt road with no signal and rain pouring like crazy. I was like, what the hell are we doing? hubby started asking ”where are you taking us”?omg what did I do this time? we are in the middle of no way, we don’t even see any cars on the road, We opened the windows to let the fresh air, suddenly the rain is just pouring again, I can’t even find a hotel online or check the weather focus, Dang, what a journey. we finally saw a sign saying, Goodman park, I was like YEAH. We are almost there! Oh, finally we are following a vehicle, so we are not in a jungle, we arrived at the park after just following the road for 8miles on a dirt road, it stopped raining, its dark already, few people getting out of their cars getting ready for a waterfall hike. I saw a sign saying Strong waterfalls so we are definitely here, We made it whoop whoop, let the adventure begin!!! F&*k this rain we are camping.

Yes, we are here, Goodman county park.

Marinette is the 3rd largest county in Wisconsin and the waterfall capital of the state.

We went on this waterfalls with no guide or expectations, but once we got to the second one we realized that we are on a hunt for the waterfalls, all these waterfalls are family friendly, my three-year-old daughter was able to walk most of them, its really no hike, bring a towel, swimsuit and bunch of snack, all these parks had a playground next to the parking lot, so we had a 5 min of playtime everywhere we stopped. I will suggest you bring a GPS, there is no signal up north, map all the waterfalls before your adventure and the route, I will also leave our route and list all the waterfalls to chase, wish I had a plan this better we missed few, on the way, because we didn’t have GPS. But like I said we had a blast, the weather was perfect, it was cloudy most of the time, there weren’t any mosquitoes chasing us.

The first waterfall we checked was Big smokey falls, the parking lot is right by the trailhead. Big Smokey Falls, it was peaceful and we only saw one person there, seems to be a nice place for rafting, check it out.DSC_0252

Keshena, WI 54135


What I have learned from this adventure is we are outdoor enthusiasts, we live to explore and follow our passion, we couldn’t have turned around and went back home but we were so determined.

This is strong falls, 3 min Drive from our campsite, you can explore this falls and spend as much time as you want, there is a playground and a picnic area. Coordinates (45.5180178,-88.3398368)


DSC_0301We live to explore!

We headed out to eighteen footfalls, located in Dunbar (45.5874611,-88.1298408) the leaves are starting to change on this trial, eighteen-foot falls is 300 yards from the parking lot, rugged terrain, pretty narrow trail and down the hill, be careful on this one. The trail leading to waterfalls was gorgeous, we let Armani hike this one she insisted.

Eighteen-foot falls


The next waterfalls is just around the corner its 12 Foot Falls Rd, Dunbar, WI 54119.

img_7363We ventured out to another small town, Daves falls has to be one of my favorites, it was also crowded. Located in Amberg Old 141 Rd, Amberg, WI 54102 we explored the lower falls and upper falls. all these waterfalls were gorgeous was like a little paradise.

The rock formations at this park, so Beautiful

The last waterfalls was veterans park falls located in Crivitz. Coordinates (45.2684566,-88.2125186) this park was also not crowded, fewer bugs, shaded and short walk to the falls, easy to find the trail with signs, there are bathrooms by the parking lot and playground.





She is Minnie me, I love her with all my heart!


This trip was so much fun, more than we expected, we were in the middle of nowhere, it was different, it was an amazing experience to hike to these waterfalls and see people relaxing, swimming, so many Atv’s on the roads. We realized when we arrived at the governor Thompson state park that there is an actual tour to the waterfalls, and maps available on the Marinette county park. I will advise you do a research, there are resorts and lots of campground, motels and county parks to stay overnight.

We just hit 22 state parks and our goal is to do 25 this yeah, Whoop Whoop, G O A L S!
We just hit 22 state parks and our goal is to do 25 this yeah, Whoop Whoop, G O A L S!

This was our route chasing waterfall.

Are you planning your next adventure? Follow this tips



The moon at the Goodman campground that night was absolutely  gorgeous.

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