Lime Klein trail!

Lime Klein trail can be found inside the High Cliff State Park in Sherwood near Neenah. There is plenty of parking, all vehicles require a Wisconsin state sticker to park or pay $8 for day use.

We went hiking here on Labor Day, I was surprised to see very few hikers on this nice park, the trails are well maintained, we choose the 1.5 long loop, it’s flat you hike along the lake was shaded all the way and few bugs, it was the first time I brought the whole family to this park, I hiked alone last fall.

When you get to this part, be prepared to sweat a little bit, pretty steep, this trail will lead you to the family campground and rock formations at the top, my daughter was able to hike all the way up with us guiding her. My daughter is like Cape Town weather, she changes 100 times through the hike, sometimes she wants to be carried all the way,sometimes she wants to climb all the way, I always bring a carrier with us, snack and water to make sure we finish the hike, we have never had a hike where we had to cut it short and go home, lucky so far.

This is a wonderful trail, my daughter enjoyed climbing all the way and jumping off the rocks.

When you start seeing this amazing rock take a deep breath you made it to the top.


Hike past the rock and go on the stairs it will lead you to the campground, we got there and hoping to see the view but, the branches were on the way to see the lake. We headed down following the trial the same way up, it was a quick hike, less crowded and beautiful day.

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