Labor day Adventure!

We checked out the Hartman state park as a family and discovered the beach. We did an easy hike loop along the was a perfect day. The trail is super fun, my toddler enjoyed all the kinds of mushrooms that we saw, and instead that I photographed all of them!

This is the second day of the hike it baby 30 challenge, our plan is to get outdoors every day and hike 30 miles at least for the month of September. Visit to learn more about this organization and register for this September challenge.

We loved the Hartman Creek State Park, because it’s a wonderful park for the whole family, fishing, lakes and a nice clean beach for swimming, my daughter loved the playground, the picnic area was clean and lots of trees, if you wanna learn to kayak and paddle check this park out, you can rent equipment.

With my family, if we can go for a hike, find a place to relax and eat a snack and let the baby play and get dirty, that’s a super fun day for all of the us.the rangers were very friendly and knowledgeable, great place to spend outdoors. I will give this park a five stars.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We found another selfie station and said cheese!#scenicwisconsin #travelwisconsin

To learn more about this park or Reserve a camping site visit:

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