Peninsula State Park.

Eagle trail is located in peninsula state park, it was highly recommended by a couple of friends, I was surprised that it’s rated difficult. I honestly don’t think it’s difficult, why because my three years old was able to hike it halfway, I will warn you, the trail gets narrow and rocky, bring a carrier to hike the whole loop with no problems.

The trial is 2 miles long, our favorite part was hiking along the lake, there was lots of families on the train and a few dogs.not sure why it’s rated difficult because not too much elevation on this trial.

This is unbelievable trial with amazing rock formations and caves, lots of interesting things I have never seem before.

As you can see the trail is rough, be careful of the roots and rocks .

The trial is marked very well with the signs not easy to get lost. we didn’t camp here we came for a day visit, it was pretty busy with sightseeing buses for the lighthouse.

All vehicles require a Wisconsin state sticker to park.

Address:9462 Shore Rd, Fish Creek, WI 54212

For more info visit

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