Autumn Adventurers!

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

We are so blessed to live in the world where there is October! This month went by so quickly. But we managed to do all the fall activities, We went apple picking, we invited few friends to join us at the largest pumpkin patch in Wisconsin, We finally made it to the International Crane Foundation, its been on our bucket list for a while. October is a busy month and its the month we don’t get to spend time with Bryce because he goes hunting all the weekend, we miss him so dearly, but we keep ourselves busy with the local events and hang out with our lovely friends, this year Armani has grown a lot that we got to spend time going on short hikes to collect leaves and make amazing crafts at home,we got into cooking together and she has learned to identify all the fall leaves,its been an amazing month to get back into free nature learning fulltime, she is very observant on what’s going around her, every time she is on the trail she spot out the caterpillar and demand I take pictures of the mushrooms and everything that is living. We read so many books but there are two favorite books that really kept us going and we really enjoyed them:

I truly treasure every moment I get to spend with my family, but this one keeps me on my toes, Happiness is mother and daughter time.” we live to explore.

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