Golden Gate National Park.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park is located in Free State, South Africa, near the Lesotho border.

The famous protea corner!

The Rhebok Hiking Trail covers 31 km of spectacular mountainous terrain in two days and is only suitable for fairly fit hikers.we only hiked a mile because, it was very hot and it was in the middle of the day.

I love my country and proud to share this awesome experience with my family.

Golden gate is pretty awesome all year round, my main concern was driving in the park, without a high fence, I was nervous about the wild animals running around, I have seen bad accidents caused by the animals, so many passengers have lost their lives on the same road leading to golden gate especially at dark time, be safe when you go there, be cautious and be smart.

We didn’t get to hike like we planned but we sure enjoyed the birds chirping around the trees while we were having dinner.

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