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Things to do in Witsieshoek,South Africa.

Life is pretty Amazing, I can’t believe my life at this point, it feels like a dream to be hiking in the Drakensberg mountains with my daughter.

Growing up we used to come for a day visit and adore all the hikers and the views.

Today I’m back here again exploring all the trails. The Drakensberg has the most amazing trails and waterfalls. We hiked from the lodge in and out, to find the waterfall. The hike was pretty amazing it was 67 degrees Celsius, we didn’t see any hikers on the trail, and the waterfall was gorgeous. It’s a short hike pretty steep on your way back. Not sure how many miles we hiked but they told us it was 45 min one way. This tiny road brought so many memories.

I have grown up to appreciate life and my simple life. Being outdoors makes me happy there is no doubt about that. One day I will be back to explore all the long hikes with my husband.

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occur while you are climbing it.”

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