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Our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

It’s been a freaken amazing five years of marriage, and we are very excited to have renewed our vows in front of family and friends in South Africa. It’s a dream come true to have a safari wedding. The wedding was hosted by Legend Golf & Safari Resort, furthermore known as the “Home of the Extreme 19th”, which is one of the world’s most renowned resorts. http://legendhospitality.co.za/stay-with-us/legend-golf-safari-resort/

Behind us stand the gorgeous hanging-lip mountain.

The Signature Clubhouse design was originally envisioned as an exact footprint of the mysterious Fort Nyangwe, which formed part of the Monomotapa Kingdom. The footprint of the buildings is natural and organic and blends effortlessly with nature and the bushveld ridge behind it. What was very special about the ceremony was, we were supported by childhood friends, and high school friends, our lovely friend from Utah Natasha was there with a passion. the room was full of tears of joy.

We vow to always keep our friends and family close to our hearts because every one of them is special. we will continue to love one another and plan more adventures together. Life is too short, we believe that the family that plays together stays together.

No doubt that our adventure Baby looked gorgeous in her matching dress with her mommy, she couldn’t help herself with the icing sugar. This renewal was also done so that she can one day look back and see how much we care for each other as a family.

Earlier that morning when we check in at 6 am we went for a game drive, it was 75 degrees, believe me when I say 3 hrs was too long. We had a blast and saw beautiful zebras, the lions were sleeping as always. I won’t say much about the game drive or post more pictures because We wanna keep the animals safe, I posted the link if you’re interested to check out this safari.

Limpopo is very hot in the summer, if you are looking to go make sure you have a pool and rooms with A/c. There are a lot of organic fruits and vegetables along the road, we stopped and supported the farmers, please do the same when you go, homegrown is the best.

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