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Durban Sand sculpture.

Along the Indian ocean in Durban North Beach, while taking a stroll, we come across the sand sculptures, created by homeless, talented young boys and men. I haven’t seen any females yet. you will find sculptures of cars, buildings, animals anything you can think of, we got lucky and found a Disney castle and my husband loves Rhinos. They are motivated but so many things, my favorite have to be the big five sculptures I like how they use the black sand to bring out details of each animal.

Did you know it can take up to a week to make this sculptures and a few minutes to destroy this amazingly work? It can be destroyed by the rain, other competitors anything is possible. Do you know why they make sand sculptures? they try very hard to stay out of the trouble and they are also fighting poverty, some of this young man walk or hitchhike to the beach every day from 12 miles away. It’s a struggle you can see it in their eyes, all they need is money, they spend the whole day without food and sometimes they make nothing, they pretty much live with donations,sometimes they make enough to ride a taxi back home, it breaks my heart, looking at their work you wish you can do more, but what else can you do except give them your camera and ask them to snap a picture and leave a tip, and words of encouragement.

This young man pays attention to details, if you have the time they will personalize the sculptures however you want it, but don’t be mean give them enough tip to buy lunch. leave them with a smile on their faces.

I noticed they won’t tell you to tip them but do the right thing, some holidaymakers offer to extra money so they can take photographs near the works of art.none of them have formal training at all, they practice over the years and improves with time.this young men are under 18 and have been doing sand art for 2 years.

I have been to most beaches in the USA but haven’t seen something like Durban sand Art, this is amazing.

I wish we have taken more pictures of the sand sculptures but Durban is a busy place in December, so many things are happening at the same spot. we had a fun afternoon and opposite this guy, lies a nice restaurant called the circus circus beach cafe, great place to eat and try the local beer, its a bonus for us because there was a playground at the back, we were able to sit and relax while Armani was making friends.

Here is the cafe link:Circus Circus Beach Cafe

1, Snell Parade, North Beach, Durban, 4063, South Africa

+27 31 337 7700


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