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Umhlanga rocks beach!

We made it to 2019, family’s first day out in 2019 was spent at the Umhlanga main beach, Durban. This beach in the Indian ocean is quite secluded, very beautiful and surrounded by a lot of cafes, restaurants, great hotels. Find a good coffee cafe along the boardwalk. south Africa has the best coffee.

This Lighthouse is close to the shore just below the Oysterbox hotel. It’s quite a tourist attraction. Its a landmark of Umhlanga Rock.

Umhlanga main beach has to be our favorite in Durban, just because we didn’t make it to Margate Beach, we heard good news about that beach, Umhlanga is Not overcrowded very Clean and Close to a variety of takeaways, restaurants, malls, and hotels. Ideal family beach. There is nothing to hate about this side of the town, look at the palm trees.

Even though the weather was a bit disappointing the experience at the beach always make you want to come back again.

Here we are the next day at the beach, enjoying the beautiful weather and the waves.

We were able to do many walks on the promenade and spent a great time on the beach itself. simply gorgeous, it was like heaven on earth.

Great place to sit and do nothing other than think whilst watching those magnificent waves roll in and crash on the sand.

I can go on and on about Umhlanga beach in Durban, This is a great beach to enjoy your holiday with kids. There are lifeguards on duty and surrounded by great views.we will definitely visit again maybe stay in Beverly Hills, hotel. Visit here, you won’t be disappointed.

A favorite quote for the day: Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go.

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