Bye polar vortex!

Wisconsin was colder than Antarctica this week. After 7 weeks in South African enjoying the summer I was very emotional to wake up to this cold. Oh well, the temp is finally above zero in Wisconsin, let the winter adventure begin.

We went on a short hike near sun Prarie it felt like over 10 miles, the trial was packed with lots of snow.

It turned out to be really warm the whole day the temperature was above 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

We went to Lake Mendota to see the lady liberty.

It was nice to see all the families out having fun, we enjoyed some smore’s and hot cocoa beverages.

An inflatable, to-scale replica of the top of the Statue of Liberty’s head, arm and torch can be seen rising from the frozen surface of the lake near the Memorial Union.

The Wisconsin Union brought Lady Liberty back Friday to kick off its annual Winter Carnival, marking the return of a tradition that dates back 40 years this month.

A Madison icon returned Friday to Lake Mendota for the first time since 2010.

On Sunday, Daddy went ice fishing while we were hiking, foggy day but 40 degrees.

The trails were wet and slippery, what a change in 5 days.

We hiked at lower yahara trail, its located in Deforest. The trails are well maintained if you’re lucky like us you might see a deer.

The deer stood there for 5 min waiting on us to move.

I have to say it took me years to learn how to dress up Armani for the cold winters, layering is very important in the winter especially if you live in Wisconsin. The winter is too long to be indoors, get a good gear to play outside and stay warm and dry.we are going to be in Wisconsin for years so we have to make it work for us.

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