Sunset Hike Picture Book!

I’m happy to announce that I have self-published my second hiking book for kids ages (1-10).

Sunset Hike is a children’s picture book with diverse characters. It’s about a little girl going on a Sunset Hike adventure for the first time with a group of friends to overcome her fears of being outdoors.

Sunset Hike was illustrated by a fellow South African named Khaya Nkomo, it has vibrant colors, it’s a great book to read in the spring and summer, as a parent you will learn the tips of making every hike enjoyable, games that we play with kids on the trails, it teaches kids on how to handle challenges on the trails. Sunset hike also teaches young girls to be leaders and confident.

What really inspired me to publish my second book, I want my daughter to grow up reading books about our lifestyle, inspire all the kids to get outdoors and encourage kids to read fin nature/hiking books. I believe hiking has no color it is for everyone to enjoy, I wanted every kid to pick up the book and wanna read it to their brothers and sisters,see themselves as the characters, and feel confident about themselves. I wanted every parent to bring the book, camping, hiking on road trips, I wanted everyone to get outside and watch the sunset from the trails, and be reminded on how beautiful mother nature is.

March 1st, 2019, Sunset Hike book was published on Kindle Edition, ten days later softcover and Hardcover was available to be purchased online.

Order your copies 👉🏾

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