Brunet Island State, We just hit our 33rd Wisconsin state park! 

Summer is here, and Fun Adventures are loading. Tent camping is going very well.

Camping for the Dowd Family is not just packing a bunch of stuff, sitting under the trees, and eating all day long. Camping for us means Adventure. We camp all summer long, and we have been so lucky so far we haven’t been in a situation where we have to cancel a Camping trip, Yeah to the lucky Campers.

We kicked off our first camping and drove up to Cornell, situated next to Chippewa Falls. This State Park is really amazing, we are definitely planning to go back next year beginning of summer, I highly recommend you bring a Kayak for this Park, Fishing poles, Bring water sports Gear and take advantage of this beautiful Park, you should be able to launch your kayak from your campsite. We were on site 66, avoid this one and use a map to see a fun campsite.

This was our first camping trip; we brought our kayaks and Fishing Rods. Our Daughter loved the beach. Hiking trails are all shaded; there are a bunch of Deers around; it’s an elegant island.

We were 30 min away from Lake Wissota State Park; we went to check it out in the morning; we loved it too; the beach was busy, The campground was covered with trees.

Driving to Cornell, we enjoyed the way; there are so many great things to see and do, we stopped Here for Free entrance.

This is another great adventure if the weather permits. Big Falls County park Here, it’s a county park you pay to park.

Remember to pick up a map; it’s essential. This was a great weekend for the whole family. 

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