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The real reason why I write mainly about the great Outdoors

I didn’t grow up doing outdoor activities and never read any books about people of color hiking or camping or seeing books that made me want to play outside in the winter. When I was growing up in South Africa, winter was hibernation time. If i see people out in the winter, I call them crazy. Fast forward to 27 years later, I joined the crazy world, and I’m one of them. Another lesson learned I “never to say never.”

Since I have become a mom, I have been on an adventure every day with my daughter. I have learned to embrace every season. It was vital for me to change how I view things in life. I want to give my daughter life experiences and let her explore the outdoors without fear.

But there was only one way to do that.. let her be around people doing extraordinary things and encourage her to read books that inspire her every day; that was my goal. I never thought I could write Children’s Books that she relates to. It was never a dream of mine. I have always enjoyed writing, and I kept journals as a child.

Somehow when she was two years old, I got desperate to see outdoor books that featured people of color in the outdoors. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them in the bookstores. I just wanted to read a book about my crazy lifestyle, hiking, and camping. That’s when I began my journey to self-publish children’s books, but I wasn’t just going to write them because they were high in demand. I wanted to write books that would inspire all children of color to get outside and make changes. I wanted to have some characters that looked like my daughters’ friends; I just wanted them to be unique.

I write mainly about the outdoors because I can relate to children who don’t have access to the outdoors or green space and children who have access but are afraid to step outside. These books also encourage families to live healthier, taking walks after dinner and watching the sunset. Getting up early to watch the sunrises is something I never get to do growing up, and I have a second chance to redo everything with my family. Little things matters

Self-publishing is not easy; truthfully, it is challenging, and I continue to learn daily. It is never-ending; I made so many mistakes when I first started; I got scammed on my first book. That experience didnt break me at all. I got up and opened my eyes, and learned a lot.

It’s been 6 years on this journey, and I have self Published 7 books, including a Christmas book. What keeps me going is the fact that I can help other writers self-publish their books, too. I love visiting schools to share the love of literacy with students, listen to their writing journeys, and offer advice where I can. If you need any advice, let me know. If you want to see these books on your bookstore, all you have to do is call them with the ISBN I will appreciate your support.

OK, now you have heard my story, I want to read your story. What questions do you have about me or advice about my writing journey?



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