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Discover the best of Duluth this summer with our ultimate bucket list

Plan a family trip to Duluth this summer and enjoy an array of exciting activities and attractions for all ages. Create unforgettable memories and explore the natural wonders of this vibrant city.

Exploring the Great Lakes

Duluth is truly an incredible spot, located right on the shores of Lake Superior! While there, we had the privilege of witnessing the departure of the Hanseatic Inspiration cruise ship. It was a breathtaking sight that reminded us of nature’s immense power and beauty. This experience has left a lasting impression on us, and we will always hold onto the memory.

Engaging Museums and Educational Centers.

The Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center is great for learning about the city’s maritime history and watching some interactive exhibits.

  • Glensheen Mansion Visit the Congdon family estate for history, architecture, gardens, and a scenic view of Lake Superior. Get a $2 scavenger hunt booklet for kids and check out the gift shop for hidden treasures and cool stickers. We truly loved the self guided tour, Don’t miss out!
  • The Great Lakes Aquarium is incredible, too, with tons of exhibits showcasing all kinds of aquatic life. If you’ve got little ones, the Duluth Children’s Museum is perfect for them – they’ve got hands-on exhibits and activities that make learning fun. Armani had the opportunity to participate in feeding the fish and observing the moon jelly feeding, which was fortunate. The Nature Playscape outside boasts numerous trees that offer ample shade, making it an excellent location for snack time.

If you’re interested in trains or history

The trains and the story behind each were quite interesting.
Private Tour with the Executive Director Ken Buehler

The Historic Union Depot is a beautifully restored train station where you can tour and get a sense of what travel was like back in the day.We Met with the executive director Ken Buehler who warmly welcomed us and provided a unique tour of one of the museum’s cars, narrating the story with such expertise that you’ll feel transported to the past.

North Shore Scenic Railroad

First class Dome

The Duluth Zephyr excursion is a must-do train ride experience. We loved the First-Class Dome car with an upstairs viewing area and complimentary snacks.Restrooms are available. Highly recommend it for a unique and memorable adventure.click here for the inside footage.

Exploring North Shore Scenic Drive

Have you had the pleasure of driving along the North Shore? It’s a breathtaking highway that runs alongside the stunning Lake Superior. Our journey led us to the seven-bridges road and a stream with copper-colored water. It’s a peaceful location that invites you to take a leisurely walk or hike along the trail to fully immerse yourself in the stunning nature of Duluth.

Where to Eat and Drink

It’s no surprise that Duluth is well-known for its outstanding breweries. Upon arriving in Duluth, we received a highly recommended suggestion from one of our Instagram followers: Ursa Minor Brewery. Eager to explore, we made it our first stop. With its delightful patio and dog-friendly atmosphere, we instantly felt at home. The beer flight we sampled was top-notch, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Indulge in the coffee scene of Duluth with a visit to must-try spots like Duluth Coffee Company. They welcome pets and serve top-notch coffee beans. And if you’re near GleenSheen Mansion, don’t miss out on Amity Coffee Shop, which sources their fresh beans from Duluth Coffee Company. Treat yourself to a delightful coffee experience in Duluth.

Where We Stayed

If you’re planning a trip to the charming city of Duluth, we highly recommend you consider staying at the pet-friendly Sheraton Hotel. This exquisite hotel is situated in the heart of the city, allowing you and your loved ones to easily explore the city on foot. The Sheraton Hotel offers a luxurious experience, providing guests with exceptional amenities and plush accommodations to ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay. 

We went to an open house at the hotel and met the new head chef, Chris. The food and drinks were amazing. It’s a great hotel for families, including those with pets.We have a discount rate here For your next trip. 

Where to Go Shopping

  • If you’re into shopping, you should definitely check out Duluth Trading Company. Their Buck Naked line is a must-try. Don’t forget to mention that we referred you!
  • Check out LNPk Craft District in Duluth for art galleries, craft breweries, and shops. It’s family and pet-friendly, with hands-on art workshops and nearby attractions. To see some of the shops we loved footage on our Instagram reels 
  • We took a walk to Fitgers, even in the rain. A Place for Fido was an excellent find for our puppy with treats and gear. It’s a must-visit for dog lovers and has a bookstore and brewery. Check their website for happy hour specials on Tuesdays.

Start Planning Your Ultimate Bucket List Adventure


Now that you’ve finished this fantastic blog, it’s time to start making a Duluth bucket list! There are so many cool things to do in Duluth, especially if you’re traveling with your family and pets. Even if you only have a few days, you can fit in some adventure, learning, and downtime. So, grab your bags and your loved ones and prepare for a vacation you won’t forget!

We highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to witness the summer in Duluth. Avail yourself of the discounted hotel rates and indulge in all that Minnesota has to offer. Take advantage of the hotel discount and enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer. 

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