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Escape the Ordinary at Parfrey’s Glen

Experience the extraordinary at Parfrey’s Glen, a hidden gem of nature. Explore the 1.8-mile trail and discover the gorge carved by rushing water. Essential notices and hiking tips are provided to ensure your safe adventure.

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The history behind Parfreys Glen.

You will discover Parfrey’s Glen, a stunning gorge formed by Parfrey’s Creek over centuries. Moreover, the rich historical significance of Parfrey’s Glen is worth noting. Before European settlers arrived in the 1800s, this land was frequented by Native American tribes who relied on its abundant resources for hunting and fishing. As time passed, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recognized the importance of preserving this remarkable area, leading to its designation as a protected natural area. Today, it stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature, inviting visitors from near and far to indulge in the wonders of hiking, immersing themselves in the serene embrace of the great outdoors.

Why should you see the Parfreys?

Parfrey’s Glen is an incredible place you don’t want to miss. A breathtaking gorge, peaceful sanctuary, and natural area managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources offers something for everyone. Explore the trails and immerse yourself in the wonder and magic of this fantastic experience.Coordinates: 43°25′05″N 89°38′29″W / 43.41806°N 89.64139°W

Hiking Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Adventure

1. Trail Readiness: Purchase a Wisconsin state park sticker for parking. Study the trail map and terrain. Bring water, snacks, a first aid kit, and a compass, and wear appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear.

2. Capture the Scenery: Bring a camera or smartphone for stunning photos. Parfrey’s Glen offers breathtaking views.

3. No Pets Allowed: Pets are not permitted in this area. Please leave them at home.

4. Embrace Solitude: Hike on weekdays or early mornings for a quieter experience.

5. Leave No Trace: Stay on designated trails, dispose of waste properly, and respect the environment.

Be cautious of slipping on rocks, and be prepared to cross water. Wear waterproof boots or Keen sandals, and consider using hiking poles for extra support.

How to get to Parfreys Glen

From the intersection of Highways 78 and 113 in Merrimac, go west on Hwy 113 for 0.1 miles, then north on Baraboo Street (Bluff Road) for 2.5 miles to County Highway DL, then west 0.3 miles to a parking area on the north side of the highway. A trail leads north into the natural area. A short segment at the beginning of the trail is wheelchair accessible.

https://wiadventurefamily.com/all-about-adventures/Please be aware that you are strictly prohibited from going over the waterfall for safety reasons. I kindly ask that you respect this rule and avoid any risky behavior.

Enjoy the adventure and preserve the beauty of Parfrey’s Glen for future generations. Happy hiking! Follow us and share this blog with your friends.

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