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Dineo Dowd


Dineo is an accomplished Self Published-author, photographer, and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor community. Born in South Africa and now in Wisconsin, Dineo draws upon her experiences and love for nature to inspire children from all cultures and backgrounds to embrace the outdoors.

As a published author of diverse children’s books, Dineo brings to life the beauty of the natural world, breaking down barriers that children may face in accessing these spaces. Her unique perspective and voice make her a valuable partner for companies and brands seeking to promote diversity and inclusion in their marketing campaigns.

Dineo is also a skilled photographer, featuring her work in various mediums. Her eye for capturing the beauty of the natural world can add depth and beauty to any brand’s visual content.

In addition, Dineo’s experience as a mountaineer and dedication to empowering women in the outdoor community make her an excellent spokesperson for brands seeking to promote adventure, exploration, and the great outdoors. Her ability to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds and her commitment to promoting a deeper appreciation for the natural world make her an ideal partner for any brand seeking to inspire and engage its audience.

Featured Book: Adventure Day: A children’s book about Hiking and chasing waterfalls. 

Today is the day! Armani and her friends are going on a hike. What will they see? What adventures await? With Finn, Leola, Olive and their moms, they will soon all find out. The best is just around the bend, but they’ll have to get there first.

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