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After 3 full years camping with an RV, we were forced to sell our camper when we moved to Wisconsin in January 2017.little did we know we will be blessed with wonderful friends , they invited us to go camping with them, I was excited but not to tent camp, with no electricity and no Wi-Fi lol.,

It took some time to get organized, but I was more interested on this Adventure more than anything, I have heard there was a waterfalls, beach, hiking trails, and beautiful shaded camp site from people who have been there before. I still couldn’t find the latest reviews online, it was frustrating I just wanted to read something from campers who have been there for the pass few weeks or month. So the day came we headed out there on a Friday afternoon, didn’t know what to expect except we were expecting storm and showers the whole night.


Ta da….. we are here, we set up the camp site as quick as we can and talked about the plan for the weekend ,what we gonna do, eat, drink, the spirit of camping was pretty high believe me, we were all super excited to be here, the kids were running around, pick up sticks, kicking a ball, we brought some toys to keep them busy, The spot that we have was pretty shaded, but I couldn’t hang my hammock, the tress were too much apart from each other,  the mosquitos were buzzing non stop, we have brought insect repellent candles, sprays anything that you can think off, we lite the candle the whole time we were around the camp site, and sprayed the bug spray on us All the time,Hey I’m allergic to mosquitos I came prepared for this weekend, I also packed long sleeves for at night while enjoying the campfire.


As you can see, we love our meat and vegetables, we make kabobs all the time, we enjoy out-door cooking ,all four seasons we make it work. We came prepared with another family, we coordinated our meals, cooked together and decided on the menu together, that’s what camping is all about, spending time together ,eating, laughing and having fun. This was our first dinner, only took 30min to make dinner on the gas grill, yummy and healthy . After dinner we went straight to bed around 9pm that’s when it started raining, We bought a new queen  air mattress ,and brought pillows and duvet cover, we didn’t bother with sleeping bag, we bought a tent fan from Cabela’s it came with a build in light, It was pretty warm in the tent I’m glad we had  a fan running all night, it was raining all night first night, thunderstorms, it was really bad, but I really enjoyed my first night listening to the rain, Armani was fast alseep.we didn’t have to worry about getting wet we had a brand new tent from Rei.


Good morning sunshine, we woke up at 7am and it was 70 degrees tops already, everything was wet but who cares, we were ready for the adventures.


looks like we have happy campers so far, having breakfast and drinking coffee


We couldn’t wait to see Stephen’s falls, we arrived at the trailhead at 10:15am,the street parking was already packed, pretty  busy. So If you are planning to see the falls in the summer try to be at the trailhead by 9am at least and secure parking. Stephen’s falls is a short hike to the falls, its 0.3 miles


Stephen’s Falls is moderately trafficked out and back, its rated moderated not sure why, its pretty flat, and have stairs. Its a really short hike ,toddler friendly. From the falls we followed the trail continued and joining the pine cliff trail, you hike on this beautiful paradise its so green and breathtaking, then you get to a sign saying you can take a loop for 2 miles left or right ,we continued to the right and went up hill and before we know it we were back at the trailhead, so we hiked less thank 2 miles


After a hike and gorgeous Waterfall we went straight to the beach before the weather changes, Armani really enjoys making sand castles, and dig up a hole and make trips to the lake to fetch water with her bucket  and make her own mud pool. This beach was the most gorgeous beach I have ever been on in Wisconsin so far, it was not too busy, but lots of boat and canoe in the lake.this time around I had remembered to pack all the beach toys.


I couldn’t wait to jump in and swim while Bryce was watching Armani,the water was warm.


Dinner time, we had friends over who came to spend the day with us, we popped bottles, let the kids play and we got to know each other ,it was really a beautiful day, no signs of rain, we decided to get wood and have fire at night. Again it took us 30 min to make dinner everything wad prepared from home and kept in the cooler all this time, who has time to cook all day, not me for sure.


Armani’s best friend was due for a nap and we decided to put her on a high chair, to snack, hats when little man knew its nap time, we moved him into a stroller and he slept for almost 2hours outside while we were chilling with our friends, such a good cute boy. We bought this highchair from Amazon $75,she only used this chair before she could walk, she doesn’t care much about highchair, so bring it for our friends to use all the time.


Armani went to bed at 6:30pm,she didn’t take a nap at all, we didn’t even think of giving her one, We just let her be and enjoy camping, but she demand to sit inside the truck and cuddle the zebra I knew she was tired, went to check on her 5 min later she was sleeping I took her in the tent ,and that’s it, outdoor baby, she slept until 7am.we got rain again but only for few hours, I had 1 glass of whiskey and called it a night, So we didn’t have a crazy night running after toddlers around the fire at all, this kids can be glassy sometimes .they were really pretty good for first time tent camping.


Breakfast and last day at the camp site


We decided to take lost canyon trail, for the distance and the fact we can see the view and this trail is along the lake, we really wanted to be in a shaded trail. Its 3 miles loop wich we end up hiking 2.4 miles out and back.it was not busy for a Sunday trip, the trail is well maintained, you can totally take your toddlers and let them walk as far they can, there are benches along the trail to take a break, the trail is narrow and there is plenty of things to see on this trail that toddlers will enjoy or adult.



wild mushrooms and snail


So my honest opinion ,will you go back to governor dodge state park ? hell yes over and over or every month if I can, Next year 2018 we are planning to make bookings in time and visit the park until fall, I can’t wait to see the color changes. My family had a great time camping at this park, the restrooms was clean, the shower was never busy at all I managed to shower every morning at 6:30am ,we had a playground next to the campsite. The beach was a walking distance, the Stephen’s falls you can literally hike from the camp site no need to drive there at all, point taken for next time. We were on an non electric tent only side.it was only 1h20min travelling time on  Friday with traffic from sun prairie.


Governor dodge state park have ,lost canyon trail, Stephen’s falls trail and Pine cliff, we did all this trails in 2 days ,grab the map at the gate when you get there, The park is huge you will need a map to get around.

this link below, is for more park info and making reservations



let us know by writing to us if you need more info or have any questions.





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