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South Africa


We went on an adventure while we were in south Africa to see the big five in a game farm,called pinaardam situated in middleburg.


this picture was taken at Nongoma lodge in kwazulu natal,I took this picture with my iPhone camera,we were driving in the lodge around 5:30pm and we had like 5 giraffes in front of the car,it was a 2 day night stay with my family,If you need more details comment below or email us we will provide you with full info of this place.


impala my favorite animal before I moved to us.




monster crocodile.


We decided to go on an afternoon walk to check out this area, and we saw this elephants from a distance and I have managed to zoom in with my Nikon d3200,then the next day I got stopped by the man who came hunting for the elephants, when I showed them this picture there like omg, where are all this bustard today lol, it was funny because they have been out there hunting for hours for this elephants.


Then we made a stop from kzn at Lekoa lodge near Johannesburg and we booked this chalet for 2 nights,we decided to take the whole family back horse riding.


this was a fun adventure for the whole family but was not impressed when I realize that the guys will be walking along the horse all the time,almost felt like a little baby learning to ride a horsey, I will definitely not go back to this chalet because management sucked the whole campsite was noisy until 2am and when I complained in the morning they looked at me like I was nuts,I had an 19 months old baby and I needed my beauty sleep had I known before that this is a junk place for people to party all night long I wouldn’t have bothered, but then they lost a great customer.


this picture was taken at the nationa park in cape town,it was spring time in cape town but then the weather is always crappy in cape town all season.we took a sightseeing green line to view the sunsetDSC_0271_4476 the sunset.


honestly it wasn`t a good day and the sunset is way prettier than this believe me.


This is people’s house I’m sorry they don’t show this part of cape town in south African on tv or social media, if you take a sightseeing bus you will get to see this area called guguletho location, they even offer walking tourist you can go in this houses and see how people survive, and get to eat from the street what we all braai, best BBQ on earth believe me.But please make sure you stay safe and make friends or go with professional tourist, some part is not safe and people are poor out there so you don’t wanna get taken advantage of.I’m warning you.


so this is the cape town that people get to see every day on TV and social media well its amazing and everyone who come to visit wanna retire here like my husband lol.I love cape town a lot but never thought of living there permanent.


The we drove to Newcastle in kwazulu natal, well I cant off grew up here its my home too, but I have ever seen this  waterfall or hear about it until September 2016 when I was there to visit.Its gorgeous and you pay like $2 to get in per person not a car per  person,they hired this young boys who could be at school to seat at entrance to open the gate for you and making money cheating on tourist yes I have a proof.not sure who owns this land but there is nothing there except this gorgeous waterfall and you literally drive to it, you don’t hike at all.




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