What to do and see in Daytona Beach with a toddler!!!!

Beautiful day and  75 degrees in Daytona beach, first time here with my family. With a three-year-old there are so many things you can do in Orlando except going to the theme parks. Take a day trip to Daytona beach and explore. we parked for $5 for full day and took out a stroller to explore. There are so many  different waterside playgrounds, bring a towel and dress up for adventure bring changing clothes. Stroll along the Riverfront Shops and Walk along the Boardwalk. If you have a good budget purchase family tickets for $20 to get you on 6 kiddie rides so much fun. After a long walk we decided to grab lunch at joe’s crab shack, we really had to take advantage of the good weather dine outside by the ocean and have crabs legs.

Daytona was a nice trip next time we are planning to stay in Hilton by the ocean, should be nice to wake up and see sunrise and sunset. We also hope to make it to Daytona 500 one day, we are a Nascar family so there is definitely another trip to Daytona.

I know this might look like something you can do within three hours and be done but believe me with a toddler its a lot and a nap time. We spend all day in Daytona Beach, we really drove a lot exploring all the sights that were affected by Irma hurricane .So when you go there have fun anf roll with it.

Best sunset in madison!

Winter has never been my favorite season at all, living in Wisconsin has never been on my plan.thanks to my cheesehead husband and my adventure baby who really enjoys the cold temps.They push me out of the house even if I try to come up with all sorts of great indoor activities.

I usually plan my week ahead depending on the weather, I don’t ever do last minutes things, because I’m a mom of a toddler, but sunset last minute hike give me a call I will be there before you know it.I’m from South Africa I love the sunset we have the most beautiful sunset in Africa, so I wouldn’t miss a sunset hike in my life especially 38 degrees in the middle of winter in Wisconsin.But I have to say not every day I’m up for an afternoon hike, sometimes Armani naps for 3 hours so when she wakes up its already dark and I’m ready for bed ugh… Mom life.

There is just something I really adore about my daughter she is a nature freak, she looks out the window and say let’s go for a hike, she has been saying this as long as she has started talking, she keeps me going, she keeps me on my toes, she is my greatest motivation.she reminds me every day of the most important things like hiking, gym, etc…. I’m such a lucky mom, thank god I’m also an adventure mom not a stay at home mom, I listen to her and always try to have fun with her, she is my everything.

Today was such a busy day and we couldn’t wait to get out of the house and go hiking, we packed the car at 1 pm we are always on time and we are very organized.so I wasn’t going to let anything stop us from going on a sunset hike.We left on time and when we got there it was peaceful and beautiful like we expected, I had two questions for her, do you want me to carry you or you wanna hike. She said please carry me, I was super stoked because that means I get to do what I want to enjoy a nature walk and take great pictures.

But it didn’t last long she wanted to hike I was happy to let her run along the slippery trail packed with snow, I didn’t wear my yaktrax because people have already been on this trail, so it was safe for me to hike without them.

At this point we are chasing each other on the trail and giggling and just having fun enjoying nature play, I know it sounds weird, they play in the woods huh… We got really warm and the temps were slowly dropping.

Looks like we were 10minutes early so we hiked all the way to the overlook and decided to hike back and try to catch the sunset from a different direction, I carried her again on my back so that we can keep up, she never complained at all she was curious about the gunshots she kept hearing and she asked if they are shooting a deer like her daddy, I said maybe.at this point I really wish I could have come early enough to add more miles because we are circling around now, so the plan was to keep moving so that we stay warm and that worked.

We finally made it to the overlook and she said, put me down.

So every time I take a picture she will say take a picture and send it to daddy.

Here we are just feeling like we are the luckiest girls alive in the wildness culture not everyone gets an opportunity to see this beautiful life out of the house.

We have learned to bring a tripod on the solo hikes because we don’t wanna miss out on this precious moments, we keep this memories photograph.

Cherokee marsh unit never disappoint, summer, spring, fall, and winter we are here honey! The location is also convenient for my family only 20 min drive to the park from my house. So we literally spend 45 min outside and felt really good.

We are so grateful for the warm winters, I highly recommend. Cherokee Marsh is family friendly and dog-friendly, it’s never busy.great for bird watching in the summer.it’s really a great hidden gem for Madison.

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

This is the location: Cherokee Marsh – North Unit, 6098 N Sherman Ave, Madison, WI 53704

Wisconsin’s gorgeous gem!

Parfrey’s Glen, located within Devil’s Lake State Park, is a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources-designated State Natural Area. The glen is a deep gorge cut through the sandstone of the south flank of the Baraboo Hills.

Parfrey glen is a hidden gem and one of the best hikes I have ever done in wisconsin, this is where the idea of our adventure day book came from which is available online.


parfrey’s glen is 1.7mi leading you to a waterfall, be prepared to hop through the actual glen.its not a loop and you will gain a little 450ft elevation.The trail follows the creek to the whole length, most shaded in the spring and summer.in the winter make sure to bring your yarktrak or microspikes the ice is slippery if you plan to hike all the way to the frozen waterfall.The restrooms are available at the trailhead and picnic tables which is my daughters favorite, she likes to seat and have a snack there and and play after a hike.

We have been on this trail with my daughter in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. And I was surprised when she wanted to hike and not be carried so she hiked half of the trail and got nervous to climb the rocks because she already fell couple times, but rather than that I highly recommend this gorge to the families, toddlers enjoy this area a lot, its easy to manage for them and so much to see or do on this trail.

If your toddler is not able to hike a distance yet I suggest you bring a hiking carrier so much easy, to climb those big boulders and see the actual fall.

We didn’t take lots of pictures of the scenery because when I have my daughter hiking I need to keep an eye on her, you just never know she is 2 and have a mind of her own.

Wisconsin adventure family Rating: easy-moderate 1.7mil it seems long but it’s really short. Wear good waterproof hiking boots always, it’s very fun for kids to climb the log along the trail, and throw rocks along the stream, wooden bridges for them to cross.

Here is the address to the location:Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area

1377 County Rd DL, Merrimac, WI 53561

(608) 266-2621


Turville point conservation park!

The great thing about this germ is how it changes with the season, we really enjoyed this trail in the spring my daughter used to adore the wildflowers, and chasing the ducks around the park, then we came in the summer the trail was shaded all the way and gorgeous but the mosquitoes were brutal.

we came here in the fall and the colorful leaves on the trail was just gorgeous and few bugs around fall season, this trail in the winter is my favorite because I enjoy quiet walks in the woods and a good view of Monona terrace and Capitol building and my baby will nap along the way.it’s family friendly and kid friendly, I can let my daughter walk as long as she is happy, or carry her and hike faster than I usually do with other people.

In the summer we love the playground it’s never crowded and they have clean restrooms for the public.

I usually don’t take any pictures on this hike because there is really nothing to capture it’s a walk along the woods.but once you reach the other sight along the lake I always take pictures of the lake with downtown.

In the winter the lake forms this icicles near the beach side.

If you plan to hike at Olin park in the winter will suggest you bring hiking poles, wear good hiking boots, because the trail gets slippery, there wasn’t much snow on the ground when we went, there was no need of snowshoes.

The trail is easy to follow, they have signs showing skiing trail and hiking trail, so pay attention where you going.

Wisconsin Adventure family Ratings :Easy 1.5miles round trip, hilly some part.  Small beach area along the trail and fine sand to play in.

There is public parking available for free here:John Nolen Dr, Madison, WI 53713

Cherokee marsh north

We went out chasing sunset today with happy toddlers, Cherokee marsh north is located in Madison.15 min drive from Sun Prairie.The sunset is really beautiful in this area all season.I let my daughter and her friends hike from parking lot to the overlook, I highly recommend this trail to families who want to spend time outside and enjoy nature, so many options. It’s dog friendly and all terrain stroller.I suggest you bring a headlamp and stay on the trail, we were able to make it back on time before it’s too dark.

We left the trailhead at 4pm and we took the far left trail to this overlook it took us 30 min with toddler pace.

on our way back the sky was slowly changing to the red color which was pretty-cool, the girls said it looks like fire.we couldn’t stop snapping pictures

At 4:40pm the sky was still gorgeous-with this colors .

We got back at the trailhead at 4:55pm and we walked 1.1mi round trip pretty good for the 2 year old, better than seating on the couch eating potato chips.

This trail is a great place to watch the sunset and let your kids climb rocks by the trailhead and explore.  This is my favorite place to take the my daughter when she just want to play and not do much hiking.  This trail is super short and you already have a great view.

You do have to take a dirt road to get to the trail head, but it’s doable with most cars.

Please find the location below

Cherokee Marsh – North Unit

6098 N Sherman Ave, Madison, WI 53704


Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!  

Adventure Day

Adventure Day: A New Children’s Book Dedicated to the Outdoors,A 2 year old woke up very excited to go hiking with a her mom, trying out a new trail with new friends in a new city, this trail turned out to be most beautiful and unique trail in the states,that reminds them of Utah .she was super excited to get home and tell her daddy about her adventure day, but fell asleep in the car right when they were heading back home .

Come and buy your signed copy at the book fair in Chicago.

More info below


Copies also available online


Tower Hill State Park


“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!”
—Dr. Seuss



We have been living in Wisconsin for 11 months and today we have been to 16 Wisconsin state park, Pretty sure when we get to 50  we will be ready to move out of state. This is the life of an adventure, we took advantage of spring, summer and fall now we are approaching winter, we have few new adventures that we are planning to try to make it through.

Tower hill is not just a state park but a Historical marker.The park is open year-round from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. During the off season (Columbus Day weekend through mid-May), the main gate is closed, but may park at the entrance and walk in to the park


Look at this charming Rustic  Gazebo at the top of the hill.

It took us literally 0.8 to reach this side of the tower from the camping side, we decided to take 1.5 mi loop and the plan was to hike to the tower and see the tunnel, not sure why this trail was rated difficult, I have brought a carrier for my daughter but she end up running so end  up hiking 2.5mil.

all the way to the tower and down to the tunnel. I highly recommend this trail to the families but like I said I will rate it easy even thou its uphill, its toddler friendly and dogs must be on the leash.

It’s not easy to get lost at  this park, its well marked there are signs every corner and a map, pay attention to little things.

There was actual bats hibernating inside the tunnel.


”Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”
—John Muir


To learn more about the history of this amazing state park,click on the link below



Enchanted valley cross plains

We hit 5 pumpkin patches this fall, thank you Wisconsin for being so kind to us, with warm weather and this fun madness for the family. We had a long list but we are looking forward to the next fall already

If you are looking for a pick-your-own pumpkin patch, family fun entertainment like hay rides, corn maze and kids entertainment in the Madison, Wisconsin area, Enchanted Valley Acres is the number one place to go,

The honest truth is all this farm we have visited are fun and different in a way,you just have to check them out.


All activities will provide fun for the whole family but are geared more towards younger children.

You will find items such as various kinds of pumpkins, gourds, and squash.

Adress:Enchanted Valley Acres, LLC.
5047 Enchanted Valley Rd
Cross Plains, WI 53528

more info:http://www.enchantedvalleyacres.com/

Aztalan State park

There are so many undiscovered treasures in Wisconsin, and this was one. Not a gimmicky, trinket walk this place is filled with real history. This park is an overlooked jem in today’s world. It is big, with lots of land on the river. It is historic, with historical buildings that can be visited, with some good artifacts inside. There are the old burial mounds to visit.

Today’s weather started with wind, rain and it was very cold to be outside, but as we were getting up we realize that there wont be any rain so we really have to get outside and chase some adventures on our bucket list before the snow hit the ground,glad we did and it turned out to be an amazing day.I was really looking for something to let my toddler enjoy so Aztalan was mentioned as being family friendly and short trail.We meet up with our friends and had a blast!


We have completed 1.3mil with this cutest toddlers as part of hike it baby 30 challenge. I came back home an opened my laptop educated myself about Mississippian culture that inhabited Wisconsin. The park is quite large, with some real history. Indian Mounds and a Indian settlement to learn about. Aztalan is an amazing historic site! Wish I had stopped at the museum, but next time. For kids and families of all ages, there are beautiful, well-maintained trails for hiking among the rolling hills and near the Native American sacred burial mounds and former residential sites

You’re going to do some walking to see the whole thing. Figure on walking about a mile.

You can see the toddlers has way too much fun rolling from the hills and hiding behind the mounds, the park is also dog friendly.



Reconstructed stockade near the Crawfish River

Three platform mounds remain on the site. The largest is the one in the southwest corner of the stockade; one almost as large is located in the northwest corner.


The park is in the Town of Aztalan, on the east side of Jefferson County Highway Q, just south of County Highway B. Coming from the west on Interstate Highway 94, reach County B by going south on State Highway 89 to Lake Mills. Coming from the east on I-94, take State Highway 26 south to Johnson Creek to County Highway B.

Vehicle Admission sticker is required.

three nice picnic areas and a huge parking lot.

Highly recommend this state park for families and young children.


“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!”
—Dr. Seuss

Pewit’s Nest State Natural

Ðo activities you’re passionate about – which make your heart and soul feel perky – including things like working out, cooking, painting, writing, yoga, hiking, walking, swimming, being in nature, being around art, or reading inspiring books.

Karen Salmansohn


Today we kicked off hike it baby 30 challenge, this is last challenge of the year. We had been planning to check out this amazing hidden germ in Baraboo since spring, little did we know it was not even actually hike, to this amazing spot. I was very excited when we got here since baby girl wanted to be carried, from the parking lot to this spot it was approximately 0.3 mi round trip 0.9 mi. the trail is rated moderate not sure why but I will rate it easy, especially since my toddler was able to run all the  way to the trailhead. The trail is good for all skill levels. I highly recommend this trail its toddler friendly, But I got to warn you, A portion is closed because of some stupid people who have been investing their time vandalizing this area. So if you end up going stay on the trail and respect nature, and guidelines, read more information on the link provided below.

How to get here?

Address: County Road W, Baraboo, WI 53913

more info:http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/lands/naturalareas/index.asp?sna=200

Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area is a nature reserve of Wisconsin, USA, that includes a deep gorge formed during the retreat of the last glacier. Pewit’s Nest is outside of Baraboo in Sauk County.