Governors Island!


 A hidden gem located in Madison!

Governors island is a small natural park,  part of the island is privately owned, one main trail runs the perimeter of the island. We went for an afternoon walk, the weather was 30 degrees and nice for afternoon hike. The trail was very slippery with ice at this time of the year, I suggest you wear yarktrax for safety. My husband slipped on the trail, so pay attention. We looped around for half a mile before we headed back to the parking lot. The trial is easy to follow from the gate, you wont get lost, it’s a busy lake right now with ice fisherman, and parking can be tough. We enjoyed the afternoon walk it was peaceful and the view was gorgeous as always. The trail is flat and dog friendly. The trail is really small I highly recommend this park for daughter who is three years old enjoyed this short hike first time to the lake. I cant wait to check it out in the summer.




This was one of the days we just needed to get in a car for a drive as a family and go on the adventure, my daughter fell asleep on our way and napped on my back for the entire hike. It was 30 degrees .




me and my daughter we are wearing the beanie from they are insulated and has a double layer, its one size fits all and comes in three colors.

This is the link of my hat if you like it


Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.
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Wisconsin’s gorgeous gem!

Parfrey’s Glen, located within Devil’s Lake State Park, is a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources-designated State Natural Area. The glen is a deep gorge cut through the sandstone of the south flank of the Baraboo Hills.

Parfrey glen is a hidden gem and one of the best hikes I have ever done in wisconsin, this is where the idea of our adventure day book came from which is available online.

parfrey’s glen is 1.7mi leading you to a waterfall, be prepared to hop through the actual glen.its not a loop and you will gain a little 450ft elevation.The trail follows the creek to the whole length, most shaded in the spring and the winter make sure to bring your yarktrak or microspikes the ice is slippery if you plan to hike all the way to the frozen waterfall.The restrooms are available at the trailhead and picnic tables which is my daughters favorite, she likes to seat and have a snack there and and play after a hike.

We have been on this trail with my daughter in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. And I was surprised when she wanted to hike and not be carried so she hiked half of the trail and got nervous to climb the rocks because she already fell couple times, but rather than that I highly recommend this gorge to the families, toddlers enjoy this area a lot, its easy to manage for them and so much to see or do on this trail.

If your toddler is not able to hike a distance yet I suggest you bring a hiking carrier so much easy, to climb those big boulders and see the actual fall.

We didn’t take lots of pictures of the scenery because when I have my daughter hiking I need to keep an eye on her, you just never know she is 2 and have a mind of her own.

Wisconsin adventure family Rating: easy-moderate 1.7mil it seems long but it’s really short. Wear good waterproof hiking boots always, it’s very fun for kids to climb the log along the trail, and throw rocks along the stream, wooden bridges for them to cross.

Here is the address to the location:Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area

1377 County Rd DL, Merrimac, WI 53561

(608) 266-2621

Pewit’s Nest State Natural

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Karen Salmansohn


Today we kicked off hike it baby 30 challenge, this is last challenge of the year. We had been planning to check out this amazing hidden germ in Baraboo since spring, little did we know it was not even actually hike, to this amazing spot. I was very excited when we got here since baby girl wanted to be carried, from the parking lot to this spot it was approximately 0.3 mi round trip 0.9 mi. the trail is rated moderate not sure why but I will rate it easy, especially since my toddler was able to run all the  way to the trailhead. The trail is good for all skill levels. I highly recommend this trail its toddler friendly, But I got to warn you, A portion is closed because of some stupid people who have been investing their time vandalizing this area. So if you end up going stay on the trail and respect nature, and guidelines, read more information on the link provided below.

How to get here?

Address: County Road W, Baraboo, WI 53913

more info:

Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area is a nature reserve of Wisconsin, USA, that includes a deep gorge formed during the retreat of the last glacier. Pewit’s Nest is outside of Baraboo in Sauk County.


High Cliff State Park 

I wanna share my excitement, I had this park listed on my bucket list for a while and because it’s 2 hours away I just didn’t know when we Will be able to hike here, but this weekend, my husband took the baby with him to spend time with her grandparents while he go hunting.So I took a solo drive to meet up with a friend I had meet on Facebook a long time ago and she was happy to explore with me, it was a gorgeous day for a hike.

This park was pretty busy than  I expected, I hiked 2.5 miles loop on a shaded trail along the lake. The trail was very busy with hikers and dogs going up and down, it was 74 degrees I understand.

when I got on top of the cliff, I was so excited and I fell in love with the family campsite, the leaves were so colorful it was really pretty. Lots of trails if you have time or camping at the park and pretty views .seriously we are definitely planning to camp here next year summer or fall we have to.
Along the trail.

This area is at the beginning of the trail and easy to miss, just a little running stream.

So this is what I have to say, I saw so many families with kids as young as 2 walking on the trail, I wouldn’t let my daughter walk here, I will bring a carrier for the whole hike, be warned their trail gets really steep and rocky, I didn’t have a baby on my back this time but it kicked my butt, Bring hiking poles, plenty of drinking water and a camera. There are few benches along the trail to rest.

“I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

Cherokee marsh state natural area

We love visiting this natural area, near Sun Prairie,we have been coming here since winter when we moved here , such a beautiful trail, to view sunset and bird watching in the summer, I can’t wait to see how this area changes to fall colors. Cherokee marsh -unit north located at the head of Madison’s lakes, 20min drive from Sun Prairie.

here is the adress Cherokee Marsh – North Unit6098 N Sherman Ave, Madison, WI 53704

The North Unit has 3.4 miles of trails along with a boardwalk and two observation decks.Usually when I want my toddler to hike and finish, take the trail on the left and hike all the way to the to the observation deck , she pretty much get less than a mile round trip , this is a wonderful trail all seasons in the winter I used to carry her and do a fast pace hike loop for 1.5 miles ,the trial is hilly and shaded very narrow .the trail is stroller friendly for families who are just looking to get out of the house .

you can seriously enjoy this area all year round. It gets busy around summer with school field trip . But you just have to know when to go.

We still have to Explore this park with a Bird & Nature Outing – a FREE, guided walking tour held on the first Sunday of each month, year-round from 1:30-3pm.

Unfortunately no dogs allowed

Trails:Stay on and use designated trails only.


Copper Falls State Park

This is absolutely beautiful state park, My family was incredibly impress. The scenery was great, the trails are well maintained, We didn’t see any bugs or mosquitoes. The trees were already changing colors,. We decided to take a trail that will lead us to the waterfalls because we didn’t have enough time to waste as we were road tripping. Its usually easy for us to figure out trails and decide how long we wanna hike, so we parked and I strapped my baby on my back while Bryce was changing to hiking gear, it was pretty warm and I was worried as always if the trail was shaded.


Copper Falls Trail Loop is a 1.7 miles loop trail ,features a waterfall ,family friendly and dogs must  be leashed, We talked to the lady at the office station who told us how gorgeous this trails was and it might take us an hour or longer to complete, but we planned to hike 1.7 for 40 minutes at least. This was the first part of the trail and I knew right there that this is goin to be a fun hike.


Hell yeah we love hiking and jumping for joy. This trail so far is gorgeous, boardwalks, bridges, the sounds of the waterfalls,friendly people, fall colors. This trail is easy to walk along while most people and kids will find the same with the slate steps.


we were hiking as fast as we can and we were taking is as much as we can.


This Area right here got me emotional we spend some time here, this is the most beautiful waterfall so far in Wisconsin.


This was the highlight of our family vacation because this was not planned but we decided to stop and explore and it was amazing, this is the real life of an adventure, we go with the flow.


I’m raising this little girl to love and respect nature, she loves waterfalls and spending time outdoors with her parents, she wasn’t feeling well in this trip but she didn’t hold back, she got up every morning with a brave face.


love nature!


This was a must see, where two rivers got together to form one and how glacier moved the rocks to form this. Great place to take a hike or have a picnic …..or both. We took the 1.7 miles hike around the falls, which provided beautiful views of several different areas of the falls, some more dramatic with water rushing over the rocks. 

We end up finishing a hike within 40 minutes with a running toddlers, yes she wanted to hike after we stopped at the waterfall.Its not easy to get lost you just follow the trail along and you will make it back to the beginning of the trailhead before you know it.

if you are interested to read more about the history of the copper falls here is the link  :


How to get here: Directions

Copper Falls is about two miles northeast of Mellen in Ashland County. Take State Highway 13 to the north side of Mellen and turn (northeast) on State Highway 169. Go about 1.8 miles. The park entrance will be on your left. Geographic coordinates are 46° 20′ 51.8″ N, 90° 38′ 34.0″ W.

Fees:Vehicle admission sticker is required.
Camping fees for the Wisconsin State Park System.
Hunting and fishing licenses apply.

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. Earl nightingale.




Ice Age Trail:table bluff segment 

I have been longing an adventure this week,prettiest views,nature trail and silent, So I went out and explored IAT.We have been planning to get on the ice age trail segment since we moved here, so I figured I should watch the weather and go hiking when it’s cloudy because most IAT are not wasn’t really easy to pick the segment that I wanna try but I didn’t wanna drive too far so we picked, table bluff situated in cross plains, and simply the reviews were kinda promising, they mentioned wild flowers along the trail, and the pictures taken on that trail made me really wanna go.we started from north parking not sure where the south parking is at. The parking lot was empty it way so quite.

I was pretty lucky today Armani wanted to be carried all the way, this trail is rated moderate and I agree it was moderate not difficult at all and not easy.I carried my daughter with a kelty built carrier and I’m in shape but I have experienced some elevation on this trail.

The Table Bluff Segment is short but very sweet. It is 2.5 miles linear and makes a five mile we decided to follow the yellow signs this time and I paid attention to where I was going.

Next time I will go and find out where the white sign will lead me.

The Table Bluff section is well defined and maintained I love baby girl wanted to see how tall she was!

The table bluff segment features wild flowers and I saw lots of butterflies on the trail, I was lucky to have one in my hand as always, me and butterfly’s belong together.

As you can see this gorgeous flowers are to die for, this is the view along the ice age trail.

    I must say that I’m a fast hiker even though I stop and smell roses along the trail, This was 5 miles hike and I pretty much knew I was looking at least 3hours before I complete this hike, but today time was not a problem, I followed my heart as we hike through the prairie and forest and we were super excited to see this little bridge , we can hear the water dripping but it was very dry.I was trying to make sure I miss this alligator in a bikini, wasn’t sure where to find it, but it was next to the trailhead and if you go you won’t miss this cute alligator.

    Can I pet an alligator mommy

    We made it halfway 

    This trail gets really narrow at some part and steep so I will suggest you watch your little ones very closely, I was able to let my daughter walk once the trail gets level.

    She was happy to get down and run back and forth where the trail was level and smell some flowers along the way.I have to warn you this trail has major uphill so take your time and bring lots of water.

    Along the ice age trail

    We went all the way to the overlook where there is a shelter and a temporary restroom,the view was pretty nice and we had lunch and headed back soon after.

    Along the ice age trail

    We finished hiking 5.5 miles in 3 hours with a happy toddler.we went back the same way and had a blast on this trail.

    We really enjoyed this segment and can’t wait to go back in the fall to see the season colors.this is a family friendly but not so toddler friendly because of the distance and the uphill, the trail gets really narrow, so I suggest you carry toddlers under the age of 5 atleast on your back.we didn’t experience any tics or mosquitoes but always bring a bug spray you never know.

    It’s very easy to get here

    Adress:Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Cross Plains, WI 53528

    Coordinates :43.143896,-89.670328


    Parfrey’s glen 

    This area doesn’t get old, we checked it out again today, it’s still gorgeous,the waterfalls looks gorgeous as always.


    I was dearly loved by the butterflies today

    We went with Hike it baby Madison group and we had 3 toddlers from age of 4 who were able to Hike all the way to the falls with little help.we were all prepared as we all wore sandals for this hike

    my little girl was in happy spirit as always but I think she rather be hiking than be trapped in a frame carrier on my back,

    They have blocked this area because last time we went, we were able to climb on the don’t go there and destroy this amazing place, stay away if you don’t like nature.

    My next trip is in October to see the fall colors for sure.