About Adventures 

Meet Bryce born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin Dineo born and raised in South Africa and Baby Armani Born in Utah and raised outdoors.

We have been living in Utah for the past 5 years and January 2017 we moved to Madison, Wisconsin. I was super excited about this new Adventure but not so excited about the winter blues in Wisconsin.When we moved here it was right in the middle of winter I realized I made a huge mistake moving here,as the loneliness kicked in missing, the mountains in Utah and great friendships we formed back there, I needed to make friends as quick as I can and get out of the house.I tried finding things we could do with Armani during the week and family on weekends it was tough,I couldn’t find anything except places to get cheese and beer,yeah right!.And family encouraged me to check out the state parks that Wisconsin has to offer, I still didn’t get excited , I don’t see mountains, I wanna see waterfalls,canyons,red rocks and arches.So I decided to became the hike it baby branch ambassador in Madison to meet families who like to do things outside like my family and to motivate other families to get outdoors with their little ones.I spend time searching internet on things to do and couldn’t find anything , there was really no reviews on all the hiking trails ,It was frustrating enough, as time moves on I learned that Madison have more dog parks, I was like what the heck, we don’t have a dog, and not planning to get one soon. We usually find ourselves wandering at the dog parks, just to get out of the house, I knew I was in trouble, and I  wanted an honest review, good directions, and any tips that might help us. I was becoming quite frustrated and wished someone would write a blog where we could go to find fun family adventures. Well, I decided that someone would be me! We didn’t come up with the name Adventure Family, people gave this name to us a long time ago before Armani came in the picture , my friend told me you are so adventurous, you really motivate me to get outside, we meet people on the trail,you guys are so adventurous, we travel across the country,people told us you are  Adventures to travel with a One year old across the countries

We wanna share with you all the family Adventures in Wisconsin,family friendly spots , toddler friendly from bars, camping,Biking, hiking ,field trips, museums,outdoor concert, famers market,road trips and our South African adventures.we hope to give our honest reviews to help other families to enjoy the life outdoors.We share these posts to encourage your family to spend time together, too. We truly believe in the old adage that says, “Families that play together, stay together.”